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30+ Fabulous Manicure Designs To Try In 2022

by Fannie

Exquisite manicures are a perfect fashion accessory to complete your outfit and make you stand out in the crowd. Knowing that, we have collected the most fabulous manicure ideas for you in this post.

Our collection offers something for everyone, no matter what design and nail shape you’re going to try, from bold designs to subtle patterns, from square to oval or almond-shaped nails. So, all you need to do now is scroll through our page and save your favorite.

Animal Print Nail Design

Although the animal print trend has always been popular, it is currently at its highest point. The most preferred draws include leopards, cows, snakes, and turtles. From these original draws, you can create tons of new patterns by adding a variety of styles and colors to them. As a result, there are endless options for you to consider, from extreme simplicity to extravagance.


Source: Unknown


Source: Unknown

Beautiful Manicure Of The Season

We frequently change our nail designs according to the season: pastels for spring, vibrant colors for summer, jewel tones for autumn, and lots of glitter for winter. The following pictures are some examples of the most fashionable nail trends of the 4 seasons for your reference.


Source: @soybiutic


Source: @soybiutic


Source: Unknown


Source: Unknown


Source: Fabby Nails


Source: @matuszewsk.a


Source: @nailartemarilia


Source: Unknown


Source: Unknown

Fantastic Glitter Manicure

Glitter designs are the simplest way to make your fingernails immediately become gorgeous. Besides, glitter is the most adaptable material for manicures since it can be mixed with any color of lacquer. So why not try it this autumn? Let’s have a look at our collection of elegant and beautiful sparkling nails to get inspired!

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Source: @soybiutic


Source: @soybiutic


Source: @soybiutic

French Manicure

Recent years have witnessed a surprising revival of the traditional French manicure and its significant renovation. Now, people can replace the white stripe on their French manicures with whatever color they like, for example, blue, orange, black, yellow, pink, red, or even rainbow.


Source: @soybiutic


Source: @lepilannailart




Source: Unknown




Source: @magicalnailspa


Source: @magicalnailspa


Source: Unknown

Elegant Manicure With Rubbing

One of the most popular materials for manicure designs is rubbing. It can be the mirror, metallic, pearl, or chameleon rub. Each type of rubbing will give your nails a different effect, from subtle pearls to saturated bright.


Source: Tatyana Nail Design


Source: Livia Meireles


Source: Crys Tigre


Source: Livia Meireles


Source: Merlin nails


Source: Merlin nails

Gorgeous Manicure With Stones And Rhinestones

If you want to be fashionable and the center of attention at parties, outings or other events, nail designs with stones and rhinestones will be one of the perfect options.


Source: Unknown




Source: Luany Reis


Source: Unknown



Monochrome Manicure

Those who want a straightforward design yet value comfort and aesthetics will find solid color nail design ideal for them. This classic style is applicable at any time of the year and on many occasions. Give it a try, and you won’t regret doing so!


Source: @cebella_nails


Source: @cebella_nails


Source: @cebella_nails


Source: @cebella_nails


Source: @cebella_nails

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