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30 Gorgeous Summer Hair Color Ideas To Nail Your Summer

by Rebecca

Summer is coming, and we beauty gurus are always two steps ahead. With summer comes vacations, parties, and trips. Every girl needs to look gorgeous on their girl’s night out. What’s a better way to welcome your fun season than a brand-new hairstyle? Dying your hair is the quickest and easiest way to spice up your appearance.

Changing your hair color can be intimidating, but you don’t have to take a leap of faith and go for a big change right away. There are so many classy colors, such as brown, copper, or blonde, to make you look gorgeous. But if you want to revamp your images completely, try some bold shades such as pink or fiery ombré.

Let this list be a guide and your inspiration for your next hairstyle. From classy to wild, we got something for everybody here. Save it so you can surprise your hairdresser the next time you meet them!

1. Golden Brown

2. Mahogany Brown

3. Honey Brown

4. Golden Bronze

5. Lived-In Blonde

6. Balayage Blonde

7. Strawberry Blonde

8. Honey Milk Tea

9. Copper

10. Dark Copper

11. Caramel Highlights

12. Dark Green Highlights

13. Playground Highlights

14. Bright Streaks

15. Cinnamon

16. Bronde

17. Blonde With Dark Roots

18. Ash Bronde

19. Unicorn Hair

20. Ashy Unicorn Hair

21. Multi-Colored Jewel Tones

22. Two-Toned Hair

23. Green

24. Light Coral Pink

25. Bright Pink

26. Mauve

27. Ash Pink

28. Peach and Pink Waves

29. Nude Hair

30. Fiery Ombré

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