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30 Hottest Green Christmas Nail Designs You Need To Check Out ASAP

by Rebecca

Christmas is the perfect time to get creative with your nail art. Snowflakes, gingerbread cookies, Christmas trees, and stars are some of the classiest designs to vamp up your manicure. However, you can kick things up a notch by ditching the typical red look and going for the green instead. This color is bolder, more eye-catching, and dramatic. So, if you want to stand out, check out these green Christmas nail designs.

Whether you plan to attend every party you’ve been invited to or spend your Christmas at home, here are some pretty nail designs to keep you looking fabulous. Let’s embrace the holiday’s festive spirit with some beautiful green Christmas nails. If you like these looks, save them by hitting the Pin button now!

1. Frosty Green

Frosty Green

2. Glittered Snowflakes

Glittered Snowflakes

3. Green Coffin Nails

Green Coffin Nails

4. Christmas Presents

Christmas Presents

5. Stunning Glitter

Stunning Glitter

6. Green And White Christmas Nails

Green And White Christmas Nails

7. Matte Green Nails

Matte Green Nails

8. Almond Christmas Nails

Almond Christmas Nails

9. Simple Green Christmas Nails

Simple Green Christmas Nails

10. Green And Rose Gold

Green And Rose Gold

11. Cute Matte Manicure

Cute Matte Manicure

12. Short Matte Christmas Nails

Short Matte Christmas Nails

13. Silver Glitter Delight

Silver Glitter Delight

14. Fancy Dark Emerald

Fancy Dark Emerald

15. Green Plaided Nails

Green Plaided Nails

16. Christmas Mix-And-Match

Christmas Mix-And-Match

17. Matte Square Nails

Matte Square Nails

18. Pastel Green Christmas Nails

Pastel Green Christmas Nails

19. Green And Gold Nails

Green And Gold Nails

20. Simple Snowflakes

Simple Snowflakes

21. Frosty Green French Manicure

Frosty Green French Manicure

22. Sparkly Glittered Green Nails

Sparkly Glittered Green Nails

23. Red And Green Christmas Combo

Red And Green Christmas Combo

24. Fancy Marble Art

Fancy Marble Art

25. Simple Polka Dots

Simple Polka Dots

26. Shiny Green

Shiny Green

27. Green Nails With Gold Leaves

Green Nails With Gold Leaves

28. Pastel Green And French Tips

Pastel Green And French Tips

29. Bold Accent Nails

Bold Accent Nails

30. Pale Green Nails

Pale Green Nails

Did you enjoy these stunning nail ideas? If you want something more classic than green, check out our list of the best Christmas nail designs to make you the center of attention. The holiday season is the best time to celebrate and have fun, so don’t miss out on a fresh manicure. For other beauty inspo, follow us and explore our site!

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