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30 Recycled Miniature Junk Gardens

by Marry Dell

There are so many old items that lie around the home but you don’t know what to do with them. It’s time to consider creating a miniature junk garden. To get started, here are 30 Recycled Miniature Junk Gardens that will inspire you! These charming little gardens are made from recycled materials such as old teacups, bottles, and other small objects, and can be customized to fit any style or theme.
30 Recycled Miniature Junk Gardens
A miniature junk garden can be created in countless ways, from using old kitchen items like a BBQ grill and pots as planters to incorporating small toys or figurines to add a playful touch. You can also use old sinks or buckets as a backdrop for your garden, creating a beautiful and unique display. To create a rustic and charming look, use old wooden crates or pallets as a base for your miniature garden. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

#1 Woven Basket Miniature Junk Garden

Source: cheeseheadgardening

#2 Barbecue Themed Fairy Garden

Source: momtastic

#3 Wine Barrel Miniature Junk Garden

Source: organizedclutter

#4 Metal Pot Miniature Junk Garden

Source: etsy

#5 Old Sink Miniature Junk Garden

Source: Petra Bischoff

#6 Fairy World in a Wheelbarrow

Source: fleamarketgardening

#7 A Small Succulent Planter

Source: Gayns

#8 A Mini Cactus Garden

Source: pinterest

#9 A Mini Succulent Rock Garden

Source: flickr

#10 Vintage Miniature Junk Garden

Source: Silke

#11 A Rustic Miniature Junk Garden

Source: Rebecca Ronayne

#12 Dinosaur Small World In A Tyre

Source: Maria Gibson

#13 Terra Cotta Pot Miniature Junk Garden

Source: thespruce

#14 Old Chair Miniature Junk Garden

Source: pinterest

#15 Fairy Day Garden

Source: ritamay

#16 A Recycled Succulent Garden

Source: pinterest

#17 Birdbath Planter Idea

Source: empressofdirt

#18 Miniature Bathtub Garde

Source: pinterest

#19 A Miniature Raised Garden Bed Garden

Source: flamingotoes

#20 A Mini Water Feature

Source: fleamarketgardening

#21 A Miniature Junk Garden With Green Succulents

Source: unitgarten

#22 A Wood Crate Fairy Garden

Source: flickr

#23 A Miniature Junk Herb Garden

Source: forums2

#24 Vintage Wagon Fairy Garden

Source: oakparkwatergarden

#25 Fairy Garden in a Clock

Source: hometalk

#26 A Clock Fairy Garden

Source: Sherry McGrew

#27 A Tiered Fairy Garden Using Galvanized Tubs

Source: pinterest

#28 A Bowl Miniature Junk Garden

Source: pinterest

#29 Stacked Pot Miniature Junk Garden

Source: Katie Uyeyama

#30 Old Sink Miniature Garden

Source: fleamarketgardening

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