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30 Stunning Holiday Nails No Chic Lady Should Miss

by Rebecca

Some people enjoy the festive season by dressing up in Christmas pajamas and watching a holiday movie. However, if you’re a beauty enthusiast like us, you know we must celebrate the season with charming holiday nails. Decorating your fingertips with stunning Christmas nails is the simplest and chicest way to feel festive throughout the holiday season. Who doesn’t like pretty nails, right?

So, without further ado, here are some stunning holiday nails no sophisticated lady should miss. And you know what the best part about these designs is? You can rock them on New Year’s Eve and every party after that, too! These nails are charming, cute, and too pretty to ignore, so scroll down and add them to your Pinterest collection by hitting the Pin button now!

1. Pink Christmas Glam Nails

Pink Christmas Glam Nails

2. Sweet Winter Candies

Sweet Winter Candies

3. Matte And Chrome Nails

Matte And Chrome Nails

4. Golden Delight

Golden Delight

5. Red And White Snowy Tips

Red And White Snowy Tips

6. Christmas Party Nails

Christmas Party Nails

7. Red MerryRed Merry

8. Pink Glittered Festive Nails

Pink Glittered Festive Nails

9. Beige Christmas Nails

Beige Christmas Nails

10. Fun Christmas Lights

Fun Christmas Lights

11. Mix-And-Match Christmas French Tips

Mix-And-Match Christmas French Tips

12. Short Red And Green Christmas Nails

Short Red And Green Christmas Nails

13. Gingerbread Nails

Gingerbread Nails

14. Sweet Choco Glitter

Sweet Choco Glitter

15. Moody Christmas Nails

Moody Christmas Nails

16. Dark Plaid

Dark Plaid

17. Blue Peppermint

Blue Peppermint

18. Green Sparkles

Green Sparkles

19. Silver Snow

Silver Snow

20. Candy-Cane Tips

Candy-Cane Tips

21. Red And White Christmas Nails

Red And White Christmas Nails

22. Minty Candies

Minty Candies

23. Christmas Mix-And-Match

Christmas Mix-And-Match

24. The Grinch

The Grinch

25. Snowy French Tips

Snowy French Tips

26. Silver Sparkle Stars

Silver Sparkle Stars

27. Green And Gold

Green And Gold

28. Frosty Green Nails

Frosty Green Nails

29. Red And Pink

Red And Pink

30. Little Stars With Gold Glitter

Little Stars With Gold Glitter

There is no wrong way when it comes to Christmas nail art designs. However, if you’re stuck picking what manicure to have in these festive last weeks of the year, these stunning holiday nails can help you get inspired on your next manicure makeover. If you like this post, you will love our collection of the prettiest red Christmas nails, so check it out before you hit the salon and have an appointment.

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