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25 Glitter Nails That Are Too Beautiful To Handle

by Navy

Nail lovers certainly can’t ignore glitter nail designs. When using glitter, your nail designs become more beautiful, shimmering, and attractive. Want to be outstanding among the crowd, just a little glitter is enough to handle!

Red beautiful glitter nail designs

Red nail designs always attract the opponent with captivating colors. Owning a red glitter nail design, you have become a model of sexy charm and a strong personality. Do not hesitate to approach your partner, because they are now immersed in your enchanting beauty.

Moreover, black red is the color of sexy and attractive drawing people’s attention to itself. If you own a red and black glitter nail, you have an invisible power that is hard to resist.


Source: unknown


Source: unknown


Source: NHQLondon


Source: Malinasnaglar

#5 Tornasol, to attract good vibes

Source: unknown

Silver beautiful glitter nail designs

Silver paint is a popular nail color for women at parties. So, to make you more outstanding and attractive, let’s try your hand at silver glitter nail designs!


Source: Sinney


Source: unknown

#8 Ideal for the holidays

Source: unknown


Source: unknown


Source: unknown

White beautiful glitter nail designs

Pure white color is loved by many girls. The white glitter nail model has a luxurious, stylish type but no less simple and impressive appearance.

#11 Shine as bright as precious pearls

Source: Elina.nails.art


Source: Merlin nails


Source: unknown


Source: EchiQ


Source: unknown

Pink beautiful glitter nail designs

The girls who own pink glitter nail designs often have fragile, gentle, and sweet beauty. The glittering beauty of the glittery pink color as if to add a feminine tenderness captivates so many people.

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Source: unknown

#17 The entire cosmos is in your hands

Source: unknown

#18 Because black will never go out of style

Source: unknown


Source: unknown


Source: unknown

Blue beautiful glitter nail designs

Blue nail designs often bring a sense of peace, lightness, and relaxation. The look of the blue nail designs is always gentle and rustic. Try the blue glitter nail designs to feel the intense vitality and the harmony of seawater and shimmering sunshine.

#21 This is the manicure of a mermaid

Source: Nailartist_Natali

#22 Different designs that fill you with elegance

Source: Elena_Nailarts

#23 This is the arrival of the waves of the sea

Source: unknown

#24 Little glimpses of heaven

Source: unknown


Source: unknown

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