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33 Enchanting Bathroom Plant Shelf Ideas

by Joyce

Have you ever thought of planting some green friends right in your bathroom? This desperate craving is possible with the creative plant shelf ideas below. There’re various options for you to display them beautifully and stylishly.

As huge fans of indoor plants, we wish to display them anywhere we could. That’s why we’ve discovered and gathered about 33 indigenous plant shelf ideas to help you showcase the plants that reflect your passion and love of nature.

#1. 2 Layers As Usual

Source: Pinterest

#2. Both Up And Down

Source: Pinterest

#3. High Up To The Ceiling

Source: The Spruce

#4. Metal PVC Pipe Shelf

Source: The Spruce

#5. Create Another Concrete Row

Source: Ideal Home

#6. Set Up Harmoniously

Source: Victoria Plum

#7. Build Up A Wooden Frame

Source: Plant Legend

#8. Put Big Pots If It’s Spacious

Source: The Wall Street Journal

#9. Put Small Plant Pots Along The Shelves

Source: Daily Sabah

#10. One-Layer Shelf With Large Space

Source: Collective Gen

#11. Put Them Higher

Source: Omysa

#12. Macrame Wall Hanging Shelves

Source: Amazon.com

#13. Make It Like A Castle

Source: Reddit

#14. Paint Them White

Source: House Mix

#15. Unique Designs

Source: Momooze

#16. Crystal Shelves

Source: Pinterest

#17. Prism Shelf Brackets

Source: Repurpose and Upcycle

#18. Small But Cute

Source: Next Luxury

#19. Like A Jungle

Source: Pinterest

#20. Make It Simple

Source: The Spruce

#21. Ladder Shelf Is Always A Good Idea

Source: Homebnc

#22. Use The Place Wisely

Source: Bathroom Warehouse

#23. Also More Storage

Source: Decoist

#24. Make The Bath’s Border A Shelf

Source: YouTube

#25. Add Brick Into Your Design

Source: Architectural Digest

#26. Put It Near The Window

Source: Good Housekeeping

#27. Attach It To The Bath

Source: Mashable

#28. Small Hanging Rope Shelves

Source: Gardening.org

#29. Put A Shelf So That A Plant Can Climb

Source: Style Curator

#30. Put Them On Top

Source: www.adpaustralia.com.au

#31. As Rustic As It Is

Source: Arch Ziner

#32. Like The Forest

Source: iProperty.com

#33. Create A Narrow But High Shelf


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