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21 Cool Hanging Doorway Decorations to Level Your Home

by Marry Dell

Doorways are an essential part that any home or office always has. They provide access to different parts of the building and also serve as a way to define separate spaces. However, doorways can be more than just a functional element of a space. With the right hanging decorations, they can become a stylish focal point that adds character and charm to any room in your house.
21 Cool Hanging Doorway Decorations to Level Your Home
In this article, we’ll showcase 21 cool hanging doorway decoration ideas that are sure to inspire you. These ideas range from DIY projects to store-bought pieces. With these hanging decoration ideas, you can transform your doorways into stunning works of art that are not only functional but also add a unique touch of style to your space. So, whether you’re looking to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere or a bold and playful one, these ideas will surely help you achieve your desired look.

#1 Beaded Curtain

Source: etsy

#2 Curtains Made Of Wool

Source: carolinak

#3 Curtains Made Of Colored Foam

Source: ideastand

#4 Curtains Made Of Silk Fabric

Source: society19

#5 Doorway Decoration By Seashell

Source: jolierue.fr

#6 Door Hanging With Ping Pong Balls And Some Rope

Source: jungalow

#7 Colorful Plastic Strip Curtains

Source: casadevalentina

#8 Star Decoration

Source: realsimple

#9 Glass Beaded Curtain

Source: pinterest

#10 Make Your Own Macrame Curtain

Source: abeautifulmess

#11 Close-Up Of Pink And Lime-Green Glass Beaded Curtain

Source: pinterest

#12 Crafty Handmade Beaded Curtain

Source: rosijofarecon.blogspot

#13 Flower Curtain

Source: pinterest

#14 Sequin Curtains

Source: buyjewelrybeads.wordpress

#15 Unique Door Curtain

Source: etsy

#16 Rustic Curtain

Source: lushome

#17 Diy Heart Shape Curtain

Source: tersessenta.tumblr

#18 Another Diy Curtain With Heart Shape

Source: mungfali

#19 Garland Door Décor

Source: danielle-moss

#20 Simple Curtain

Source: pinterest

#21 Valentine Décor Style

Source: pinterest

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