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6 Creative Black Acrylic Nail Designs You Should Not Miss Out In 2022

by Elizabeth

October is coming on the way, which only means one thing: It’s time to say goodbye to sunshine and bright colors, and hello to one of the biggest events this winter: Halloween! And talking about Halloween, how can we miss out the color black – the theme of the year’s darkest, scariest yet also funniest occupation? If you are already exhausted after a hot, active summer, it’s time to give yourself a rest, a journey, a dive into a deeper, more profound dimension. The best way to do it is to get yourself a brand new black acrylic nail design!

However, black is not only perfect for Halloween, but it also creates an elegant style that will be great for any occasion. Black nail shades may not be somewhat feminine but can be quite attractive even applied in a decorative way. The black acrylic nails can be designed with a variety of different patterns. Therefore, don’t hesitate to try out these fantastic ideas to satisfy your craving for black shade with the help of some creative designs on black acrylic nails. Check out our recommendations below!

1. Black Acrylic Nails With Rose And Silver Lamé


There’s nothing better than the combination of black, pink pastel, and silver. Get a shiny coat of black and pink shade, and add up silver sprinkles on one of the nails to create some real magic when you are out for a party.

2. Pink Pastel Nails With Black And Golden Decorations

Source: BUI808 NAILS

If you are a sucker for shiny shades, you can also go for the combination of pink pastel and gold with black patterns. You can add up some contrast shades such as black or gold to the pink background to give your nails a luxurious look.

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3. Glossy Black Nails With Pink Gradient

Source: Nailsby_prince.le

If you want to be attractive, there’s no color better than black to make your nails the most outstanding. To add up to it, you can make use of the shiny designs to highlight your nails even more. You can also add various shimmery accessories such as small stones and so many other options to the nails.

4. Black Acrylic Nails With Glitter


When you have the black shade as a base, glitters can do magic on them. Try adding up different glitters of lighter shades such as golden or silver to get make your nails more attention-grabbing to the crowd.

5. Black Nails With Pink Pastel Embellishment


If you don’t fancy too many patterns and glitterings, you can also go for a basic design with a black base. However, to make it less boring, you can highlight your nails by painting one nail in a different color – for example pink, to highlight the look of your hand.

6. Black Nails With Creative Accessories

Source: riyasnails

Vignettes like snowflakes, moon or stars also offer an impressive appearance to your long finger nails. You can make use of various designs on such nails with black base shade such as using rhinestones, glitters and so on. The contrast between the black background and sparkling silver accessories will surely bring you a queen-like aura and make you stand out at the party.

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