8 Common Cucumber Growing Mistakes You Should Know To Avoid

by Marry Dell

    Cucumber is both fruit and vegetable that can add extra in many delicious dishes such as salads and pickle dishes or snacks. That is the reason why this vegetable is preferred by many people and suitable for every taste. And if you also love the fresh taste of cucumbers, you also can grow them in right your garden because they are easy to grow. Growing cucumber by yourself not only gives you an exciting experience in gardening, but also you will have a chance to enjoy organic food without worrying about its quality.

    8 Common Cucumber Growing Mistakes You Should Know To Avoid

    To help cucumber grow healthy and bring a good harvest that keeps both quality and quantity, you should know some of the features of this plant. And in the article, 1millionideas will share 8 Common Cucumber Growing Mistakes that many gardeners frequently encounter a few problems, especially beginners. We hope that you will have useful knowledge when planting cucumbers in your yard or garden after the information today. Keep reading to learn about them!

    #1 Growing Too Soon

    Image Credits: Garden Zeus

    Let’s grow your cucumber in cool weather, in full sun, and the soil must be a minimum of 70-degrees Fahrenheit. If you want your cucumbers to thrive, be patient when it comes to these planting times.

    #2 Forget To Fertilize Your Cucumbers

    Image Credits: Bruker

    Cucumbers need food to grow properly. You should provide food for your plants at different portions of the growing season.

    #3 Choose The Correct Variety and Garden Size For Each

    Image Credits: Gardening Know How

    There are different varieties of cucumbers, so you should know their differences and choose the correct variety for your gardening method. If you want larger, sprawling cucumbers, it’s best to grow them in a larger grow space. Or, if you don’t have a larger area, it’s wise to apply a trellis near the plant to grow vertically.

    #4 Ignoring Pests And Diseases

    Image Credits: Dengarden

    Keeping a close eye on your plants to stay alert to pests and diseases because they can ravage your garden quickly if left untreated. With common pests and diseases, you can treat by using an insecticide. If it is a fungal disease, you should trim away any impacted part of the plant and apply a fungicide.

    #5 Inconsistent Watering

    Image Credits: Humid Garden

    Over or underwatering is not good for your cucumber plants. Instead, using the deep watering method will ensure the plant’s roots receive water. When using the deep watering method, you’ll apply water for a longer amount of time fewer days of the week.

    #6 Quality Soil

    Image Credits: The English Garden

    To cucumber grow healthy, you should understand what kind of growing conditions cucumber plants require. They don’t thrive in acidic situations. Therefore, test the pH level of the soil to ensure it’s neutral to alkaline. And then, add compost to amend the soil prior to planting that helps the soil to be fluffy and well-draining.

    #8 The Weather

    Image Credits: Kellogg Garden Organics

    The weather will affect directly to the growth of cucumber. They love warm weather, so if you know an unusual dip in the temperature is coming, you can cover your plants to provide an extra layer of protection. To keep from frost, you can use sheets, buckets, or even milk jugs as useful methods to protect your plants.

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