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Creative Recycled Coke Bottle Ideas In The Garden

by Marry Dell

The weekend is upcoming! Do you want to make something special to your garden? If yes, you are on the right track. In the post, we are so glad to share Creative Recycled Coke Bottle Ideas In The Garden that you can make easily. These ideas are really amazing, fun, and interesting. They’re inexpensive also and you make out of them from unused, recycled coca-cola bottles. It’s time to learn them about with us.
Creative Recycled Coke Bottle Ideas In The Garden
That is the reason why if you have empty coca-cola bottles, don’t throw them away. Let give them a new life with our creative and useful ideas today. They are here to work their own mission, some are DIY projects that you can make with just your free time, a little skillful hand, and your creativity. Surely they will help you to transform the look of your garden in a quirky way. Save them and give some that you love a try!

#1 DIY Garden Plant Marker

Source: Staygoldautumn

#2 Coca Cola Planters

Source: Nothingbutcountry

#3 DIY Angel Coca-Cola Aluminum Bottle Christmas Ornament

Source: Bargainbriana

#4 Coca Cola Garden Border

Source: Pinterest

#5 Coca Cola Wind Chime

Source: Steve Rosin

#6 Coca Cola Self Watering

Source: Redbookmag

#7 Coca Cola Lamp

Source: Foter

#8 DIY Coke Can Succulent Planter

Source: Polkadotchair

#9 DIY Coke Bottle Tabletop S’Mores Roaster

Source: Polkadotchair

#10 Coca Cola Cut Flower Vase

Source: Cedarwoodweddings

#11 Coca Cola Chandeliers

Source: Revistaartesanato

#12 Coca Cola Bird Feeder

Source: Bobvila

#13 Coke Bottle Luminarias

Source: Craftychica

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