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20+ Devilishly Halloween Acrylic Nail Designs Must Try In 2022

by Navy

Halloween has become a worldwide holiday. In addition to dressing up, many people choose to do simpler things such as decorating Halloween nails combined with interesting themes. With well-designed nails, they can show their individuality to everyone around them.

If you also love spooky and devilish nails, why not try Halloween acrylic nail designs? Just by choosing the right colors and decorative images from the top 20+ models below, you can get the most unique appearance!

21 Devilishly Halloween Acrylic Nail Designs In 2022

#1 Coffin Halloween acrylic nail

Such a minimal coffin acrylic Halloween nail can make your manicure become trendy and stylish. You can follow the French trend too!

#2 Short Halloween acrylic nail

Orange is a good example that shows that warm colors are also suitable for Halloween decorations. This color is inspired by the light coming from the window, the spooky pumpkins, the ghostly lights, etc.

#3 Black Halloween acrylic nail

Young girls often choose black and white to mix&match. According to Western countries, white symbolizes survival and black means death.

#4 Spooky acrylic nail

Too pretty to be scared, right? If you are a gentle girl but still want to follow the Halloween trend, try this one!


#5 Cute Halloween acrylic nail

Absolutely that cute Halloween nail can’t be perfect without the glitter. You can decorate the Halloween images in 2 fingers, then place glitter in the others.

#6 Simple Halloween acrylic nail

Use only one color or theme is the best way to wear simple Halloween acrylic nail. You can refer to the design below – the image of a white cute ghost.

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#7 Scream acrylic nail

Scream face is a popular image for the Halloween season since it brings an endless motivation for scary movies.

#8 Pumpkin acrylic nail

The pumpkin Halloween nail set is decorated with vibrant orange tones that can attract all eyes. When combined with creepy images and bright colors, this nail design will be an option that you cannot ignore to prepare for the year-end festival.

#9 Halloween themed acrylic nail

B&W are the two most commonly used colors in designs that are a bit “scary”. White when “paired” with black will create a special visual effect.

#10 Ghost acrylic nail

In Western countries, Halloween is considered a festival of the dead. This is the time when ghosts appear most of the year.

#11 Spider web acrylic nail

Similar to bats, spider images are also used to decorate Halloween theme nails. The image of a large spider appearing on the nail will give a strong impression to anyone.

#12 Skull acrylic nail

The nail designs decorated with skull images are “ingredients” to help make the Halloween atmosphere more spooky. Depending on your creativity, you can easily transform to create beautiful nail designs.

#13 Acrylic ghost nail

You also can try the white ghosts flying in the pumpkin color background. It enhances the contrast between the 2 colors.

#14 Candy corn acrylic nail

This is an essential nail for all sweet girls. Do you miss the game “Trick or treat”? Play it right on your manicure now!

#15 Colorful Halloween acrylic nail

Besides the black and white color, you can also mix&match different bright colors such as yellow and purple to shine your manicure.

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#16 Blood Halloween acrylic nail

Nail designs based on blood red are always an idea that never goes out of date. This nail decoration is especially suitable for sharp nails when making the nails look like scary weapons.

#17 Haunted house Halloween acrylic nail

Haunted house is a must-have decoration for the Halloween season. If you do not know how to decorate your nails, this is a topic that should not be ignored.

#18 Flame Halloween acrylic nail

Burn your Halloween moment as fire, because you totally rock it with a new nail.

#19 Mummy Halloween acrylic nail

Nail designs using these images will easily remind of horror movies. You will get an impressive Halloween-themed nail.

#20 Pink Halloween acrylic nail

Another idea for the sweet girls! Who says that Halloween themes are only around black and white colors, right?

#21 Red Halloween acrylic nail

Red is the color that symbolizes blood, death, and the devil. Different shades of red are often used to create bizarre nail designs with a strong “bloody” smell.

Can you choose the most suitable Halloween acrylic nail for you? Here are the top 20+ Halloween acrylic nails that most people recommended and shared on different social media channels.

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