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DIY Garden Toad House Ideas

by Marry Dell

Like birds, toads are beneficial insect controllers. The presence of the cute little guys is more than welcome because they make gardening easier by eating thousands of insects over the course of the growing season to protect your vegetable garden. To encourage toads to live in your garden, it’s time to add a toad house to the garden. Here are 17 DIY Garden Toad House Ideas that you and your kids will love trying. Even, wild toads also will thank you for free living areas.
DIY Garden Toad House Ideas
These DIY toad house projects are a fun way to liven up your yard without breaking up your budget. Most of them are easy projects even for beginners just with a little effort and time. You can easily invite toads to take up residence in the garden with a simple toad house from a broken clay flowerpot or even old bricks. Once they have settled on a living space, they will return year after year to patrol the yard, gobbling up garden pests such as slugs, grubs, and other insects.

#1 Clay Pot Garden Toad House

Source: Whitney Martin

#2 A Tiny Toad Pond

Source: Simplesouthern

#3 Stoneware Leaf Toad House

Source: Thebirdhousechick

#4 Simple Toad House

Source: Growagoodlife

#5 PVC Pipe Frog Hotel

Source: Holmanindustries

#6 Terra Cotta Toad Motel and Cafe

Source: Decoart

#7 Mosaic Toad House

Source: Flickr

#8 Brocken Terra Cotta Toad House

Source: Katie Lane

#9 Old Wood Toad House

Source: Fresh-eggs-daily

#10 Gardening Frog House

Source: Instructables

#11 Frogilo Toad House

Source: Thebirdhousechick

#12 DIY Cement Toad House

Source: Imaginechildhood

#13 Branch Toad House

Source: Reddit

#14 Stone Toad House

Source: Diannemr

#15 Brick Toad House

Source: Pinterest

#16 Wood Toad House

Source: Mark Plant

#17 Metal Bucket Toad House

Source: Nancymccarroll

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