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Gray Ombre: The Hottest Hair Color You Should Try This Year

by Elizabeth

It seems like there’s a new hair color trending every other day, and our pick today is the gray ombre hair trend that’s currently blowing up the world of fashion.

We all know that not long ago, gray hair was what every woman on this Earth avoided at all cost, right? Because gray hair is the signal for old age, telling you that you’re not in the most beautiful years of a woman’s life anymore. However, these days, gray hair has been one of the most trendy colors as it gives fashion lovers high class and sexy looks.

If you are curious, a grey ombre hairstyle is a two-toned hair color where the hair is darker at the roots and gradually transits into gray as it goes down to the tips. Several celebrities like Ellie Goulding, Kylie Jenner and so on have been into this trend lately, and now it’s your turn to check out these following gray ombre hairstyles to figure out new inspiration for your new look!

1. Trendiest Gray and Blue Ombre Hair Color Blend

Source: unknown

We all know that blue was the pantone of last year, right? However, moving on to 2022, blue has never gone out of style. It still remains one of the hottest hair colors in modern days, and the combination between gray ombre and blue would definitely be perfect for every girl, especially those with fair skin.

2. Silver Ombre With Dark Strands Suiting All Ages

Source: unknown

People often think that gray ombre is only suited to young girls. However, this is surely a misconception. No matter how old you are, you can always get yourself a blue-sliver hair dye to update your appearance. The coiffure will add a sense of swagginess and expensiveness to your whole look.

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3. Bright And Attractive Gray To Pink Ombre

Source: unknown

Pink hair has always been the top choice for girls with strong personality. If you want to grab the attention of the crowd, a combination of gray ombre and pink is exactly what you need. The hairstyle will give an impression that you are a sweet girl, but hidden behind that is a sassy, swaggy, playful personality.

4. Classic Light To Dark Hair Color Transition For All Ladies

Source: unknown

If the idea of dying your hair seems a little bit too much for you, a traditional bob cut like this may be a betterchoice. You can add a little bit of gray color to the tip of your hair to give it the highlight, and also to prevent your hairstyle from getting boring.

6. Silver Gray With Red: Bright Highlight Of Your Hairstyle

Source: unknown

A red head would be the perfect coiffure to burn down this summer for e-girls! You can mix the color of red with gray ombre to highlight your look better, but remember to consider carefully before bleaching your hair. Though it might be attention-grabbing, hair bleach can weaken the core of your hair severely. Therefore, you should get yourself a bottle of well-qualified (mạo từ) hair conditioner to preserve your hair dye for a longer period of time.

7. Perfect Ombre Hair Color For Blondes

Source: unknown

If you are a natural blonde, it would be easier to dye your hair in light colors such as gray ombre, since you will not have to bleach your hair several times to achieve the light shade color. The coiffure is suitable for women of all ages, and it can bring you a bright, innocent yet luxurious vibe.

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8. Stunning Brown To Gray Ombre Hair Color

Source: unknown

If you are a natural brown and you’re searching for a renovation for your hair, adding some gray ombre shades would be a great choice. You can keep your roots brown and bleach the tips of your hair so that the gray color can apply better. But don’t forget to contact a professional hair stylist, because bleaching your hair in the wrong way can lead to longterm damage to the quality of your hair.

9. Wonderful Purple Ombre Hair As The Best Accent

Source: unknown

The combination of gray and purple would totally be a new wind blowing through your whole look. The shade of purple at the tips of your hair can give you a dreamy, mysterious vibe, like an Alice who’s just walked straight out from the Wonderland.

10. Smokey Gray Ombre For A Wow Effect

Source: unknown

Smokey has always been a classic style in makeup, and even hairstyles cannot escape this trendy color. However, as I have mentioned above, hair in gray shades has been way too popular. Therefore, dying your hair in full gray would be a little bit boring, I guess? In that case, why not try mixing your gray ombre hair with blue? Just exactly like its name, the combination of gradient gray and midnight blue will surely make all the people passing by gasping “WOW” at the first sight of your look.

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