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Lovely Simple Toe Nails For Your DIY Aesthetic Makeover

by Ruby

Having lovely nail designs that are always trendy is every girl’s dream come true. However, not everyone has the privilege of spending 24 hours at a nail parlor each week. Aside from the limited “financial strength” of our credit card, we also do not have that much time to spend. Mothers need to take care of their kids. Business ladies need to attend various meetings and keep up with their work schedules. Artists need to have some time of their own to create masterpieces. Hence, sometimes we need to take matters into our own hands.

Painting your own toe nails is a task that even a little girl can do. Actually, she may enjoy it. However, decorating it is another problem. Not everyone is dexterous. Besides artists, most of us possess clumsy fingers that are not sculpted for drawing delicately fine details. Nonetheless, do not worry! We have got your back.

Here is the simplest and most fashionable toenail collection with designs used for various occasions. This will ensure that you are never obsolete. The style is easy enough for you to follow. However, if you are too busy, you can ask a manicurist for your help. These basic ideas will not take much time in the nail salon.

13 Versatile Simple Toe Nails In 2022

#1 Simple Toe Nails For Summer

Summer is when flip flops make a grand appearance. Hence, do not miss this opportunity. Rock your nails with these modest yet delicate designs. With this, you will look exquisite even when you are wearing colorful sandals.

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#2 Simple Toe Nails For Fall

Since this earthy color is considered the high end of fashion, the brown nail polish makes your toes look so chic and classy.

#3 Simple Toe Nails For Spring

Of course, spring has to be pink and floral.

#4 Simple Toe Nail White

This design is simple enough for you to paint. There is an easy technique to draw that beautiful black heart that you can follow on the Internet. Overall, this nail set really gives me that goth vibe.

#5 Simple Toe Nails Classy French Tips

French tipped designs can never fall behind the flow of fashion. It is simple yet versatile enough to be worn on many different and even important occasions.

#6 Simple Toe Nails Classy Black And White

This cow skin pattern is particularly suitable for animal lovers.

#7 Simple Toe Nails Classy Sparkle

The polish has that glowing pearl-like effect. People may think you just have authentic pearl flakes glued on those toes.

#8 Simple Toe Nails Natural

Painting all of the nails in nude and decorating one single thumb with an elaborate design will create a very intricate impression. This pedicure is pretty versatile, too.

#9 Simple Toe Nails With Rhinestones

If you are the worst at brush drawing, a couple of rhinestones can help you out.

#10 Toe Nails With Dots Simple

Just dip the dotting tool in a variety of vivid polish and press it on your nail. After 15 minutes, you will have this crazy neon concert-inspired pedicure.

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#11 Simple Toe Nails For Prom

Nails for prom should not be forgotten. This luxurious inspiration will look gorgeous with any gown you put on.

#12 Simple Wedding Toe Nails For Bride

A matted design with traditional white French tips and a nude base will complement your stunning bride dress perfectly.

#13 Forth Of July Toe Nails Simple

Designs depicting the Fourth of July spirit are usually quite complicated. However, if you choose the right kind of nail color, this design will fit right into the concept. You can change the glitter to different shades as desired for different purposes or themes.

There you go, the list of 13 stunningly simple nail designs that you can do yourself. Quickly grab your polish bottle and re-create these ideas on your nails!

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