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20+ Pink Nail Designs You Should Try For A Romantic Year

by Navy

For those of you who love cuteness and want to beautify your manicures, the 20+ pink nail design collection below is one of the great suggestions. With different creative variations of this nail model, you will become extremely beautiful and young in a special way. Try them now for a romantic year!

Why should you choose pink nail designs?

As mentioned, pink brings femininity and also shows that you are an active person. It is considered a highly applicable color and is not picky about objects.

Pink is the color that you can wear during the New Year holidays or Christmas at the end of the year. All occasions are very suitable, in addition, to standing out on days out or at parties.

Glossy pink nail designs

Glossy pink nails are very popular with girls because of their lightness and femininity. Therefore, you just need to paint this color on your nails, and you have a beautiful nail set. The plain pink jelly nail model is not picky about skin or age, so it can be used for many different situations.







Ombre pink nail designs

The nail designs mixed with dark to light colors give you an extremely impressive style. This nail model is suitable for girls with personality, self-expression, and trendy fashion style.





Stripe pink nail designs

If you are afraid to attach stones too sophisticated, you can choose a cute pink nail design with stripes. You can pick some patterns such as horizontal or checkered lines, vertical lines. The lines of different colors create accents for your nail set sweeter.

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Glitter pink nail designs

An even more impressive style is that after applying a layer of pink polish, you can add a layer of glitter over the entire nail to create sparkle. If you are a skillful person, this method will not be too difficult for you. The important thing when painting the glitter is to create an evenness, not too concentrated in one place.






Rhinestone pink nail designs

Finally, the nail art that makes a strong impression is rhinestone model. Attaching stones to nails is not too strange for women when doing nails. With pink color, you should choose small stones in white or gray colors like crystals to stand out more.






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