Top 8 Summer Vegetables To Grow In Pots

by Marry Dell

    Summer with its hot weather that makes you always want to eat light dishes such as snacks, soups, salads because they give you fresh, lightly sweet, and crunchy flavors!!!! For the best taste, you have to choose the freshest vegetables. And have a question here! How can you buy the cleanest, freshest, safest and vegetables? Growing summer vegetable by yourself is a great way to help you enjoy the best taste as well as protect your health right outside of your home. And this is the Top 8 Summer Vegetables to Grow in Pots that we want to share today.
    Top 8 Summer Vegetables To Grow In Pots
    Growing in containers is one of the best ideas for those who love organic vegetables but don’t have space, or a garden. With the way, your vegetable can grow well and take care easier. And after that, you will start your harvest period. Now, tasty and organic vegetables are ready for your favorite summer dishes in flash. Let’s check it out!

    #1. Eggplant

    Image source: Mydesiredhome

    Eggplant is one of the best summer vegetables that you can grow in a pot easily. If the weather is warm, it will grow well.

    #2. Beans

    Image source: Garden

    Any type of beans like bush beans and pole beans grow well in pots to save space.

    #3. Okra

    Image source: Gardeningchores

    Okra is one of the easiest to grow summer vegetables in medium-sized pots and give you fresh dishes.

    #4. Cucumber

    Image source: Hortzone

    Cucumber also prefers to be grown pots. For the best growth, you can choose medium to large pots or grow bags and plant them in there.

    #5. Gourds and Melons

    Image source: Balconygardenweb

    You can grow melons that are vegetables such as bitter melon and winter melon in pots. Don’t forget to give them support for growth.

    #6. Zucchini

    Image source: Westcoastseeds

    Zucchini grow well in containers in summertime because it loves warm weather and full sun.

    #7. Tomatoes

    Image source: Gulleygreenhouse

    Tomatoes love growing in containers in summers along with basic cares such as full sun, regular fertilizer, water.

    #8. Pepper

    Image source: Sandiaseed

    Bell peppers and chilies love growing in pots in full sun of summer.

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