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12 Breathtaking Acrylic Christmas Nail Art Designs

by Shelly

Have you ever had long acrylic nails? In the absence of it, would you give them a go for the Christmas season? Women who are unable to grow their natural nails and those who enjoy flaunting their gorgeous manicures frequently wear acrylic nails.

Long and bold red acrylic nails are among the best and most popular holiday nail trends! Additionally, some women favor donning tonnes of glitter, gold, and green. Depending on your preferences and style, many options are available. You can also choose some light blue and naive colors. The least probable colors to appear on this list or during the holidays are yellow and orange.

Keep on reading to see some of the most stylish and trendy long acrylics that you’ll adore for the upcoming holiday season.

12 Breathtaking Acrylic Christmas Nail Art Designs

French & Nude Christmas Acrylic Nails

French & Nude Christmas Acrylic NailsThe topic of the snowflake is a recurring one during the holiday season. If you like the snow, gorgeous patterns, and symbols, give it a go with these acrylic nails. They will look so good when done in a nude base and with some French details. These nails are so professional and sophisticated; they are ideal for business attire.

Almond Green Manicure Design

Almond Green Manicure DesignHow about these long oval acrylic nails? Some women enjoy longer manicures that are feminine and flirty. If you’re someone who likes to draw on top of your acrylics and you also like formal golden details, this is perfect for you! Make sure that you can rock longer nails since this length and color is not for everyone.

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Oval Manicure With Red Details

Oval Manicure With Red DetailsWomen who like candy and red ink will enjoy this combo. If you are a sugar lover and a Christmas lover this will intrigue you. Make sure that you are precise when it comes to these acrylic nails since they are not as easy to do.

Holiday-Inspired Sticker Manicure

Holiday Inspired Sticker ManicureCombine red and green if you’re a true Christmas lover and someone who wants to have a cohesive and cute look! Go for these two colors if you are in a true formal spirit.

Pointy Stiletto Christmas Acrylic Nails

Pointy Stiletto Christmas Acrylic NailsThis gorgeous manicure is for women who like red and white colors. This duo resembles a candy cone symbol, and it will suit anyone who is still a child at heart, craving a modern manicure.

Light Blue And Nude Christmas Acrylic Nails

Light Blue And Nude Christmas Acrylic NailsNude and blue is a great combo that you can go for. If you’re a fan of classy nails, this will suit you. Decorate your nails with some white snowflake details when it comes to these extraordinary nails, you’re going to love the outcome!

Grey Stiletto Manicure With Glitter

Grey Stiletto Manicure With GlitterGrey nails are a common go-to for women who like neutral ideas. Are you someone who likes elegance? Give it a go with this manicure since it is so fierce and different from the rest. If you’re in your teens you’re going to like this design the most.

Nail Sticker Manicure

Nail Sticker ManicureTrying to get into that holiday spirit? The best way for you to do that is with these light green nails! These acrylics are on the shorter side, meaning that they are for anyone who likes the low-key and low-maintenance look. Your nail artist will ask you about some of your favorite Christmas movies or cartoons to give you a full look and a true fantasy when it comes to this design.

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Long Almond Green Holographic Nails

Long Almond Green Holographic NailsMetallic nails are for women who like feisty and elegant festive nails. Is this your vibe? It will take you some time to find this type of polish. It is a unique metallic go-to that will suit party women the best.

Oval Red Christmas Nails

Oval Red Christmas NailsThese long red acrylic nails are a common go-to by women who like fierce and elegant nails. The color red is a color of dominance and seduction. If you want to look like an actual diva for the Christmas party and you like to look elegant, this is for you! You will look like an elegant lady, especially when you put on red lipstick!

Long Bright Green Christmas Acrylic Nails

Long Bright Green Christmas Acrylic NailsThis green color combo is a common theme for the Christmas or NYE season. Women who like formal and flashy nails will like this beauty. Go for a lot of bright yellow gemstone details since this manicure is fancy and sweet, with the perfect feisty details. If you prefer to wear long nails this will suit you.

Coffin Manicure With Nude & Snowflake Details

Coffin Manicure With Nude & Snowflake DetailsCombine green with a nude base and go for these snowflake stickers and details. Women who like to get artsy and crafty will like this manicure.

Are you in the mood for something low-key and formal? Let us know which acrylic manicure speaks to you the loudest. Women of any age will find their perfect go-to with one of our recommended options.



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