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13 Fast-growing Aquarium Plants For Your Water Garden

by Marry Dell

If you are looking for the best fast-growing plants for your aquarium, here are 13 of our top recommendations. Most aquarium plants are known to grow fast. However, these plants are different varieties that can grow faster than others and can significantly increase in size too. Although every plant has its appeal, these fast-growing aquarium plants allow you to see the process in action. No matter what type of plant you need, you’re likely to find a fast-growing option that’s easy to care for.
13 Fast-growing Aquarium Plants For Your Water Garden
There are many benefits of having fast-growing live plants in your aquarium. For example, live aquarium plants help create an environment more similar to the natural habitat of ornamental fish and make your water features more attractive. They help control algae growth, oxygenate the water, and add stability to the substrate. Plus, they create a natural-looking habitat and provide a safe place for fry and timid fish to hide. In addition to creating a thriving aquatic environment for your fish, add natural beauty to small ponds or water pots

#1 Water Wisteria

Source: Amazon

Water wisteria is a tall plant and a very hardy plant. It grows really fast, easily growing out of the aquarium and sometimes overtaking the whole aquarium.

#2 Java Moss

Source: Aquariumplants

Java Moss is a popular and fast-growing plant without putting in much effort. It also is a hardy plant and can live in many different conditions.

#3 Giant Hygro

Source: Honeygourami

Giant Hygro is a hardy plant that gives a stunning look. Once the plant is mature, it will need a lot of fertilizers that are rich in iron to grow properly, or else its growth will become stunted.

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#4 Hornwort

Source: Aquariumtidings

Hornwort is a stunning plant that grows easily in an aquarium. The plant is can be found in the wild in almost every place.

#5 Aponogeton Crispus

Source: Flowgrow

Aponogeton Crispus is inexpensive, low maintenance, and easy to care for. It produces stunning flowers even when kept inside the aquarium.

#6 Anacharia

Source: Theaquariumguide

Anacharis is a beautiful and hardy plant known for being extremely low maintenance making it is one of the best choices for beginners without needing a lot of attention.

#7 Dwarf Sagittaria

Source: Aquasabi

Dwarf Sagittaria is a hardy plant that can live in all sorts of climatic conditions. It will thrive without fertilizing it or giving it any attention but needs iron in huge quantities for the plant’s growth.

#8 Duckweed

Source: Gardenerdy

Duckweed is a very low-maintenance plant that is perfect for beginners at plant care. When you keep its growth stable, it will bring a lot of benefits such as purifying the water and providing the water with good nutrients.

#9 Micro Sword

Source: Fishlaboratory

Micro Sword is a short-stemmed plant with only 3 inches making it become a carpet plant. Add fertilizers that contain nitrate phosphate and micronutrients for its best growth.

#10 Amazon Frogbit

Source: Etsy

Amazon Frogbit is a floating plant as a sponge plant since it has sponge-like leaves. It grows quickly when getting enough liquid fertilizer for growth.

#11 Brazilian Pennywort

Source: Aquaticarts

Brazilian Pennywort is a well-known plant that grows really fast and is an easy plant to care for, and is a very undemanding plant. So, beginners can place this stunning variety in their aquariums as long as give it high levels of nitrogen in them.

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#12 Marsilea Hirsuta

Source: Aquasnails

Marsilea Hirsuta is another carpeting plant that grows extremely fast and is very easy to care for. It is an ideal choice for aquariums that have freshwater shrimp.

#13 Amazon Sword

Source: Aquariumnexus

Amazon Sword is a great choice for beginners as it does not have many requirements and is very easy to take care of the species.

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