15 Fall Vegetables That Grow Quickly In Container Gardens

by Marry Dell

    When it comes to growing, spring is a good time. However, there are many vegetable types that grow well in other seasons, each has its own growth properties to suit weather conditions, it’s no exception during the fall season either. The cold weather of the fall is the ideal condition for many vegetables, they not only grow well but also give gardeners great tastes.
    15 Fall Vegetables That Grow Quickly In Container Gardens
    And here are 15 Fall Vegetables That Grow Quickly in Container Gardens. So, if you want to own a little garden or lack space, growing these vegetables in containers/pots might be your solution to planting your own food. This helps you care for your plants easier because they are not tricky to their manageable height and are low maintenance. They can be grown in even the smallest of growing areas like a patio or balcony to give you organic vegetables in a short time.

    #1 Green Onions

    Source: Thegardeningcook

    Green Onions can be grown continuously, year-round, including in the fall. After growing in about 3-4 weeks, you can harvest the first young leaves early.

    #2 Peas

    Source: Podgardening

    To harvest peas in the fall, the timing is most crucial. Grow peas 8-12 weeks before the first frost.

    #3 Beans

    Source: Containergardenclub

    To grow beans in the fall, for the best, you should choose bean types that produce early in 60-80 days without a frost-free zone.

    #4 Arugula

    Source: Ruralsprout

    You can harvest Arugula in the fall, you should plant it in late summer and early fall. After 4-6 weeks, the green leaves will be ready for picking.

    #5 Lettuce

    Source: Plantinstructions

    Lettuce is a cool-season crop and grows well in the fall. It can endure light frost. Grow them a minimum of 8 weeks before the frost.

    #6 Spinach

    Source: Gardenerknowhow

    To harvest Spinach in the late fall and winter, you can start sowing their seed in late summer in august or September. Protect your plants from frost by moving the pots indoors.

    #7 Bok Choi

    Source: Luv2garden

    Bok Choi is an excellent vegetable. You can sow their seeds in mid to late summer and early fall, then harvest tender leaves after 30 days.

    #8 Collard Greens

    Source: Etsy

    Grown in the fall, the Collard Greens will have a better taste than in the spring season. After the summer between early to mid-fall until 6-8 weeks is the right time for planting.

    #9 Mustard Greens

    Source: Gardeningchannel

    Mustard Greens is one of the best fall crops, it does well in containers and withstands light frost as well

    #10 Radish

    Source: Gardeningsoul

    Radish is an easy-to-grow root vegetable that grows well both the spring and fall. For the best, sow the seeds at least 4-6 weeks before the first fall frost and give them moderate temperature ranges.

    #11 Kale

    Source: Teabreakgardener

    The taste of Kale will be sweet and nutty flavor as when its leaves mature in the cold. The good time to sow the seeds is around 6-8 weeks before the first frost.

    #12 Kohlrabi

    Source: Akitchengardeninkiheimaui

    Kohlrabi is one of the best fall crops, you can start planting the plant by sowing seeds in mid-summer or late summer.

    #13 Carrot

    Source: Horticulture

    Carrot takes 10-12 weeks to grow and does well in big containers or raised beds.

    #14 Swiss Chard

    Source: Extension.msstate

    Swiss Chard can start growing and be ready to harvest in the fall as long as sowing the seeds before 40 days of the expected first fall frost date.

    #15 Beetroot

    Source: Littleyellowwheelbarrow

    Beetroot can be grown in late summer and early fall for late fall and early winter harvest. In a moderate climate, they also keep growing in winter.

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