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15 Hardy Flowers For Beginners

by Marry Dell

There is nothing better than enjoying the beauty of the colorful flowers in your garden, right? However, you have not known to choose the right types yet to grow easily and successfully. Look no further, let’s start with 15 Hardy Flowers For Beginners today. They also are great options for anyone who lacks experience as they are among the easiest to grow with basic care. These low-maintain flowers are what you need!
15 Hardy Flowers For Beginners
These easy-to-grow flowers will not only help your garden and living space more vivid but also help you gain confidence in the garden. They can grow well with just a little care such as getting enough sunlight, and well-drained and moist soil. Each has its own growth properties, and all of them reward your efforts with profuse growth. It’s time to start with just the one easy flower, or select a few and get growing to fill your flower bed, a porch container, or pots.

#1 Snapdragons

15 Hardy Flowers For Beginners - 97Source: Gardenerspath

Snapdragons bloom heavily with pink and cream flowers. They can stand up to the harsh weather in spring and fall.

#2 Cosmos

15 Hardy Flowers For Beginners - 99Source: Gardengatemagazine

Cosmos can grow in poor soils to display stunning flowers. They favor growing in full sun and tolerate drought once they’re up and growing.

#3 Morning Glories

15 Hardy Flowers For Beginners - 101Source: Boktowergardens

Morning Glories are easy to grow because they can drop their seeds and self-sow readily.

#4 Marigolds

15 Hardy Flowers For Beginners - 103Source: Gilmour

Marigolds are easy to grow in sunny spots and bring your garden yellow, red and gold flowers when they bloom all summer long.

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#5 Daylilies

15 Hardy Flowers For Beginners - 105Source: Gardenersworld

Daylilies are sun-loving perennials that can grow well in any kind of soil as long as it drains easily.

#6 Coneflower

15 Hardy Flowers For Beginners - 107Source: Hgvt

Coneflower prefers full sun and tolerates some drought to produce red, pink, coral, white, and orange flowers.

#7 Zinnia

15 Hardy Flowers For Beginners - 109Source: Thespruce

Zinnia can be found in almost every color except blue. Its flowers look like daisies or dahlias, spiders or pom-poms and more. They grow well in the sun with good air circulation.

#8 Dianthus

15 Hardy Flowers For Beginners - 111Source: Pixabay

The flowers of Dianthus attract butterflies to its sweetly scented blooms from spring to frost. You can grow them for sunny beds, containers, and borders to enjoy their stunning flowers.

#9 Phlox

15 Hardy Flowers For Beginners - 113Source: Greenmylife

Phlox is an easy-to-grow perennial and prefers full sun. It comes in lavender, white, coral, and pink.

#10 Sunflowers

15 Hardy Flowers For Beginners - 115Source: Gardenerspath

‘Shock-O-Lat’ is a sunflower with giant flowerheads, its blooms are the deep, dark brown color of a chocolate bar. This sunflower variety can grow up to about 6 feet high.

#11 Calendula

15 Hardy Flowers For Beginners - 117Source: Thespruce

Calendula is a low-maintenance flower that can grow easily from its seed. It grows well in full to part sun and tolerates heat.

#12 Daffodils

15 Hardy Flowers For Beginners - 119Source: Ucanr

Daffodils burst into bloom each spring to spruce up your garden with color and fragrance. Giove to a sunny or partly sunny home in the garden for its best growth.

#13 Yarrow

15 Hardy Flowers For Beginners - 121Source: Silverfallsseed

Yarrow is easy to grow if planted in full sun from summer into early fall. It does well in average and even poor soils as long as it has good drainage.

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#14 Begonias

15 Hardy Flowers For Beginners - 123Source: Thespruce

Begonias is a tough plant that looks great in hanging baskets, containers, or garden beds. It prefers to grow in sun or shade to bring lots of lush colors.

#15 Pansies

15 Hardy Flowers For Beginners - 125Source: Guiniridge

Pansies display pretty blooms in spring and fall. They favor growing in sun and well-draining soil.

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