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15 Holographic Effect Manicures That Will Steal Your Heart

by Navy

Currently, nail art is growing which leads to many emerging nail trends. Holographic nails are one of the new nail styles chosen by many women, especially those who are explosive and bold.

Holographic is an innovation of the 3D Holography nail technique. Under the reflection of light, we can observe the image from many angles. Therefore, people often call this nail model a three-dimensional nail.

The effect created can be with metallic nail polish, gel polish, stickers, or fake nails. Although there are different ways, it still makes a special effect that your hands will stand out more.


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Rainbow holographic effect manicure

The current trend of rainbow nails is being well received and promoted by young people on beauty forums. Therefore, in today’s nail kit, it is indispensable for holographic effect powder to help you own a trendy nail model. With the craze of mirror nail designs, nobody can ignore the perfect combination of bright and colorful rainbow nail designs.


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Pearl holographic effect manicure

With styles inspired by luxurious and noble pearls, pearl holographic effect manicure will definitely steal your heart. It helps you to stand out even if it’s only for a few moments. So, if you always want to be the center of attention, the pearl holographic nail design is perfect for you.


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Yellow holographic effect manicure

Yellow is a glamorous and stylish choice for your nails. It is so versatile that it can be designed with any other nail color and design. Not only that, yellow holographic nails can be improvised to suit any occasion from a relaxing day, to a special event.

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Purple holographic effect manicure

Purple is a combination of the calm stability of blue and the intense energy of red. Purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition.


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