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16 Long Black Nails Will Change Your Thought About Black Manicure

by Ruby

Contrary to what we have always thought, black nails are never out of style. We often avoid getting a black manicure because of how daring the color is—we’re unsure whether we will be able to pull it off. To that, I say, absolutely!

We’ve already known for sure that neutral shades are the foundation of fashion, so we should not avoid wearing black. I could go on and on about how black nails can be classy, casual, edgy, minimal, eye-catching, and so forth.

Whether you want a simple all-black look, a lovely design for spring, or an effortlessly cool ombre effect, there’s no way to go wrong with black nail art, and I’m about to show you that.

Are you ready to contemplate the best long black nail art? Continue reading for a master collection of designs that are currently trending around the world.

2022 Compilation Of 16 Daring Long Black Nails For Ladies

Black Cat Nails

Black cats are usually associated with Halloween. However, you can rock this design whenever you want.Black Cat Nails

Black Butterfly Nails

These black butterfly nails are rather dazzling. The gold rhinestones have leveled up this design, making it even more luxurious.

Black And Neon Nails

This is something you should wear to a nightclub. Imagine how eye-catching you are with those neon black nails under the flashing lights of the place.Black And Neon Nails

Black Flame Nails

Fire is hot and dangerous. If you believe that this is the similarity shared between you and this spiritual element, do not miss this chance to prove it. Paint a hot set of nails and wear it to places, show people you are a fashionable fearless lady.Black Flame Nails

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Black Leopard Print Nails

Leopard print is the symbol of prosperity. Every successful business woman will have one or two leopard fur coats in her wardrobe. Additionally, it is also the favorite pattern of daring individuals. If you have fallen in love with this design, flex it hard like it is your last manicure.Black Leopard Print Nails

Black Swirl Nails

Personally, I do not like too many swirly lines on my nails. This minimal black and white design is perfect.Black Swirl Nails

Black Pointy Nails

Black and gold are never out of fashion.Black Pointy Nails

Black Fall Nails

This autumn black nail art is intricate and elegant. It completely goes against people’s preconceptions about this color.Black Fall Nails

Black Smiley Face Nails

A black smiley face for an edgy happy day.Black Smiley Face Nails

Black Swan Nails

This set is inspired by the feathers of the swan—a very elegant and gentle creature.Black Swan Nails

Burgundy And Black Nails

Black and burgundy are the declarations of allurement and maturity.Burgundy And Black Nails

Black Pride Nails

The LGTBQ+ symbol colors are the most magical. It obviously depicts the shades of the rainbow, a beautiful natural phenomenon. In this design, the set of colors becomes so conspicuous on the solid black coat.Black Pride Nails

Black Snake Nails

A dangerously sexy woman.Black Snake Nails

Black And Teal Nails

Black and teal create a weird color combination. Yet, it looks nothing like hideous.Black And Teal Nails

Black Sunflower Nails

The energetic, vibrant yellow of sunflowers stands out so well.Black Sunflower Nails

Black Claw Nails

The black claw nails are so attractive.Black Claw Nails

After all, black is not as unapproachable as we thought. In fact, I think this is the most underrated color in the manicure world. This collection has shown one other important point that you should consider before deciding to avoid this shade for good: this is the most versatile shade ever. It can be used to complement other details perfectly. Try black nails once and you will be obsessed with them.

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