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18 Cool Yard Concrete Projects To Make Your Own Versions

by Marry Dell

When it comes to yard decoration, there are many numbers of projects that you can incorporate to make your yard inviting. Using concrete is one of the attractive projects that look both creative and beautiful no matter what your yard design is already. This material is easy-to-use and cheap, and it makes for a fun DIY project in your spare time. If you’ve never used concrete in any of your DIY projects, this versatile material is a great option to try the next time you are trying to vamp up your outdoor space.
18 Cool Yard Concrete Projects To Make Your Own Versions
And here are 18 Cool Yard Concrete Projects To Make Your Own Versions. Its grey color isn’t boring, in the contrast, there are many beautiful things you can do with it. From water features to planters to fire pits, you can use the beauty and simplicity of concrete to give your yard a rustic beauty. Keep reading to check out the interesting collection and trying out some of these concrete projects is a great weekend adventure to help your yard feel welcoming and warm.

#1 DIY Concrete Fountain

Source: Blogmujer

#2 DIY Concrete Face Garden Sculpture

Source: Madebybarb

#3 Easy DIY Fire Pit

Source: Eatwell101

#4 Concrete Ball Planter

Source: Madebybarb

#5 Make Garden Decoration With Concrete Leaves

Source: Pinterest

#6 Concrete Moss Pumpkins

Source: Hometalk

#7 Concrete Rain Boot Planter

Source: Bidista

#8 Hand Succulent Planter

Source: Hometalk

#9 Garden Fountain

Source: Theownerbuildernetwork

#10 Giant Concrete Garden Orbs

Source: Madebybarb

#11 DIY Birdbath

Source: Engineeringdiscoveries

#12 Unusual Garden Container

Source: Hometalk

#13 Small DIY Concrete Garden Pond

Source: Flickr

#14 Faccia Contemporary Garden Planter

Source: Outdoorartpros

#15 Heart Planters

Source: Pinterest

#16 Bowling Ball Planter

Source: Instructables

#17 DIY Concrete Mushrooms

Source: Sowanddipity

#18 DIY Concrete Ornament

Source: Diyncrafts

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