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20 Brilliant Ideas To Reuse Your Old Birdbath

by Marry Dell

There’s no reason not to continue using broken or leaky birdbaths in the garden, right? Instead of laying it in vain in the garden, there are many ideas that you can turn easily to raise your garden to another level. These broken pieces and upcycled surely create something spectacular you will be amazed. And in the post today, we will give you some brilliant examples and a little about how to repurpose your old birdbath.
20 Brilliant Ideas To Reuse Your Old Birdbath
Scrolling down slowly, you will see that they are so lovely and just give them a look, you also can imagine ways to re-create the birdbath. You not only recycle them useful but also add interest both to your home and garden. These 20 creative projects offer plenty of opportunities for creativity and personalization in fun and imaginative ways. Save them and make one or some for your garden when you have free time, and then enjoy the beauty.

#1 Bird Water Fountain

Source: Outdoorfountainpros

#2 A Fairy Garden

Source: Hometalk

#3 A Terrarium Planter

Source: Sfgate

#4 Birdbath Storage

Source: Bhg

#5 Birdbath Table

Source: Bhg

#6 Indoor Birdbath Planter For Tabletop

Source: Followtheyellowbrickhome

#7 Birdbath Flower Planter Tower

Source: Kathy McCoppin Reece

#8 Bird Bath End Table

Source: Sheknows

#9 Indoor Birdbath Plant Pot

Source: Daffadowndillys

#10 Holiday Decorating Idea

Source: Midwestliving

#11 Birdbath Plant Stand

Source: Organizedclutter

#12 Outdoor Birdbath Flower Planter

Source: Lisa Lindsey

#13 Flower Tower

Source: Karina Coetzee

#14 One Birdbath Planter Idea Both Create A Birdbath Garden And Overflow With Blooming Plants

Source: Bhg

#15 Succulent Birdbath!

Source: Myuncommonsliceofsuburbia

#16 A Birdbath With Water Plants And Round Metal Ball

Source: Empressofdirt

#17 A Birdbath With Small Rock Garden And Plants

Source: Hometalk

#18 Outdoor Candle Holder

Source: Dishfunctionaldesigns

#19 A Birdbath Planter With Lantern

Source: Amy Lisa

#20 Vintage Decorating Idea With Old Birdbath

Source: Paula Young

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