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20 Coolest 2022 Summer Nail Designs To Try

by Shelly

Women put a lot of effort into skin and hair care. So why not style your nails? Well-trimmed and meticulously painted toenails may convey your personality. Are you cute or strong? Do you prefer simplicity or sophistication? When it comes to nails, most people pay more attention to taking care of their hands since catch the opposite person’s eye. However, the pedicure is essential when flip-flops reign supreme in the scorching summer.

Those are a few tips to choose the best paint color for your skin tone. Girls with dark skin might choose neutral nail colors such as nude, brown, milky white, and peach pink. Moreover, pastel colors are a great choice since they are not picky about skin tone. On the contrary, girls with fair skin suit almost all nail polish colors. They can wear them elegantly, whether it’s dark or neon tones. In particular, warm tones such as emerald green, sapphire blue, plum red, or ruby red, might be used to highlight fair skin.

The gel nail polish style is favored by girls when going to the beach in the summer. The gel can be kept on your toenails for 1-2 months, as it is textured and dried with an LED and UV light. Therefore, you can comfortably wade in the sea without being afraid of peeling paint. In addition, gel polish is the most popular form to make your toes sparkle. The popular gel polish colors are bright colors, typical for the refreshing sea atmosphere. However, you should not apply the gel too often, because the toenails are thinner each time you break. Give your nails time to recuperate!

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In addition, stone nail designs are the trendy trend this season instead of monotonous. It not only accentuates your legs but also improves the overall appearance of your attire. Thus, you will confidently show off your toes with open-toe shoes or sandals. There are many designs of pedicures with stones; therefore, you can be assured of their uniqueness.

No need for Cinderella’s crystal shoes, any girl can turn into a princess with these eye-catching pedicures!


















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