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20 Creative Glass Bottle Home Decorating Ideas

by Marry Dell

After emptying your bottles, don’t need to be tossed them out. Instead, you can recycle, reuse or make them into or made into beautiful crafts. They are full of reuse possibilities and you can give them a second life in a number of ways. And the list below you can find a bunch of wine bottle decorations designed to add character to the home. So, you just need to get your hand and mind ready for the amazing glass bottle crafts that follow without much effort.
20 Creative Glass Bottle Home Decorating Ideas
Whether used as a planter, flower vase, candle holder, these DIY wine bottle projects can instantly upgrade any table for any occasion. Making your living space more beautiful and impressive is their mission, and we believe that they not only become useful but also will be artworks to brighten up all your home. What’s more, reusing them means you are contributing to protecting the environment clean and safe. If you love these ideas, save your old bottle in the kitchen and make your own versions.

#1 Wine Bottle Wall Vases

Source: Etsy

#2 Wine Bottle With String Lights

Source: Bonprix

#3 DIY Frosted Glass Bottle Winter Decor

Source: Caligirlinasouthernworld

#4 DIY Glass Bottle Home Decor

Source: Usefuldiyprojects

#5 Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

Source: Homedit

#6 Hanging Bottle Candle Holder

Source: Founterior

#7 DIY Bottle Lamps Idea

Source: Usefuldiyprojects

#8 Wine Bottle Candle Holders

Source: Countryliving

#9 Hanging Bottle Planters

Source: Joelix

#10 Vase Holders Without Any Fuss

Source: Usefuldiyprojects

#11 A Chandelier Idea With Bottles

Source: Boredart

#12 Bottle Candle Holder For Table

Source: Coastalcreatorsct

#13 Bottle Wind Chime

Source: Hometalk

#14 DIY Table Lamp

Source: Balconydecoration

#15 Bottle Succulent Planter

Source: Homecrux

#16 DIY Wine Bottle Coffee Table

Source: Wonderfuldiy

#17 Wine Bottle Trays

Source: Hometalk

#18 Bookshelve Idea

Source: Refabdiaries

#19 Another Serving Tray

Source: Storypick

#20 Glasses Rack on Wine Bottle

Source: Etsy

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