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20 Effortless Hairstyles To Make A Lazy Girl Look Stunning

by Rebecca

We all have lazy mornings where we want to do absolutely nothing. Sometimes we wake up so late that we don’t even have the time to comb our hair, let alone style it. If you often find yourself in this situation, don’t panic. Just because you’re a little lazy doesn’t mean you have to look sloppy. There are a ton of hairstyles that require minimum effort but still look stunning as hell.

All you need to do is know how to tie your hair together. And if you have extra minutes to spare, maybe try some easy braids too. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend hours styling your hair to make it look good. The key is to find the style that makes you feel the most confident and comfortable.

Don’t believe us? Then scroll down and see for yourself. Down here are 20 effortless hairstyles that anybody can do in under 5 minutes. Here is the proof that you can be lazy AND gorgeous!

1. The Ponytail

2. Sleek Ponytail

3. Low Ponytail

4. The Middle-Part Bun

5. The High Puff

6. The Space Buns

7. The Low Twin Buns

8. The Double French Braids

9. The Messy Half-Up

10. The Inverted Half Updo

11. The Sleek Top Knot

12. The Messy Bun

13. The Romantic Low Bun

14. Half-Up Buns

15. Braided Bun

16. Baby Braids

17. Bow Pony

18. The Scarf Style

19. The Hair Wraps

20. Side Braid

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