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Stunning Pixie Haircuts Will Improve Your Appearance

by Marvis

There are some hairstyles never go out of style. One of them is Pixie. This haircut is top-rated in 2021 and will continue to be favored in 2022 too. If you’re looking for sexy and cute look, no doubt that pixie cuts meet all criteria we ask for. 

Pixie hair is an impressive hairstyle that is generally short on the back and sides of the head and slightly longer on the top. At the same time, the pixie style can also be flexibly modified based on your wishes and the skill of the barber. Pixie cuts are effortlessly cute as it is suitable for various face shapes. It helps women increase their elegance as well! 

Have a look at these trendy pixie haircuts and pick a new hot version to refresh your stylish look this season!

#1 Curly pixie hair

If your hair curls naturally, you have one great advantage called ‘curl your pixie!’ Curly pixie hair is “hunted” by women due to the fashionable and sweet look it brings. Thanks to this hairdo, your face could be cleverly concealed. In particular, Pixie is suitable for all ages, so don’t worry and try it now.

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#2 Long pixie hair

This is a hairstyle that expresses both individuality and femininity of women. Your hair will be trimmed but still keep its natural layers, making you the focus of attention. It’s surely become a fashion must-try for this year. 

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#3 Diagonal pixie haircut

Initially, we have to say how much we adore this hair layout. With the diagonal pixie haircut, you will have a look that is both luxurious, a little dark, and mischievous. It will help your face look slimmer, so try this hairstyle right away.

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Source: Pinterest

#4 Messy pixie hair

Come to another celebrity whose pixie style is worth trying, Kristen Stewart. It’s a great choice for those who have fine hair and thin hair. The front bang is cut in the form of a horizontal roof, but shorter and not trimmed. This hairdo will make you look individuality. So if you are a girl who loves a gentle vintage style, choose one of the hairstyles above. The messy pixie haircut is probably not for you.

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So beautiful!

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#6 Back-swept with Accenting Brown Highlights

Have you ever fallen in love with Pink’s voice after listening to her famous songs like ‘Just give me a reason’ or ‘Try’? If yes, undoubtedly you will also be impressed with her funk, and rebellious hair. Her hair is swept back while the sides of the nape are shaved close and dyed prominently. If you also want a unique hairstyle that is hard to match, try it!

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Gorgeous hairstyle!

Source: Pinterest

Hopefully, those ideas will help you choose your suitable hairstyle. ‘Refresh’ your hair and have a trendy look with a pixie haircut right away!

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