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20 Halloween Nails That Will Definitely Blow Your Mind

by Navy

It’s almost Halloween. For one evening, ghosts, witches, and vampires will be the guest stars of the moment. And if we take the opportunity to have fun and create a Halloween nail art, I bet it will be super amazing! Discover all of the best Halloween nail designs that we recommended for you to try this year now!


Is it the length of the nails, the choice of orange and black colors, or the flame effect patterns that drive you crazy? This strange manicure fits perfectly with the Halloween theme. An evil and frightening result!

Source: Tartofraises


In a matte version, this gloomy manicure all in black and shades of gray evokes the tombs of a cemetery, to shiver to the tips of your nails! Be careful not to have your hand shaking so that the drawings are as precise as possible!

Source: NailsByCambria2016


The ghosts are around you in Halloween day!

Source: unknown


The mummy that reveals a haggard face is to be made with varnish and an acrylic brush. Originality is guaranteed with this manicure!

Source: unknown


You can also set your sights on nail art worthy of a very good horror movie. After applying a black varnish all over the nail, drop fine droplets of red for a “blood stain” effect.

Source: unknown


Here is a very successful nail art with this patterns of black and orange.

Source: unknown


Very sophisticated and sharp! We appreciate the finesse of the design of this nail art made in black and blue, evoking an abandoned house.

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Source: ohmygoshpolish 2014


The assignee and its web, a traditional motif for the Halloween party. It is declined here with creativity, with the use of nail polish in white and black tones.

Source: galanea_marta


The motif of the skulls is already famous enough. Why don’t we mix it with the mysterious patterns of a Halloween night?

Source: nailfuel


This awesome Halloween manicure depicts gaping, toothy, and menacing mouths. Black nail polish is first applied to the entire surface of the nail. It is then framed with red edges to evoke the lips and the teeth are made last with a fine nail art brush with white nail polish.

Source: So hot right nail


Do you remember these Halloween characters? Polish them on your nail is another good idea!

Source: unknown


If you are a sweet girl but still wants to go out in Halloween night, try this pink nail designs!

Source: Estheticsbytmr


Cute pumpkin is traditional motif. However, less people can ignore its atractiveness.

Source: unknown


Let the orange nail rock your Halloween night!

Source: adriannawysocka


You can try this nail for your sisters or your daughters too since it is super cute, right?

Source: Amandasudol


Angry pumpkin can make the others surprised since it’s too strange.

Source: unknown


You can mix the gradient between orange and black. The effect will make you wow immediately!

Source: nail_look_eliza


Be mysterious and charming at the same time with this Halloween nail set.

Source: unknown


Having a lot of spiders flying around your nail may be a little scared.

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Source: diamondnailspalmdesert


Still being minimalist and chic with this French Halloween nail design.

Source: unknown

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