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20 Rainbow Nail Designs That Will Be Everywhere In The Summer

by Navy

Rainbow nail designs are a great way to show your vibrant personality on holidays or weekends. Especially for teenage girls, it is impossible to ignore this nail model.

The vibrant colors of the rainbow make people’s hearts always feel bright cheerfulness and full of hope. Rainbow light only appears right after rain and sunshine. However, at the moment, you can see and enjoy this wonderful color anytime with these sweet rainbow nail designs.

French rainbow nail designs

A special and super cute rainbow design: rainbow nail tip aka French nail design. The rainbow seems to be at the tip of the nail creating a more sophisticated and aristocratic look. You can hand paint rainbow stripes with different nail colors with a thin brush. If you are not confident with this, you can use tape to create different stripes. It’s easy to get your favorite rainbow nail design.


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Source: unknown

#3 A little rainbow is the order of the day

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#4 Small sophisticated details

Source: unknown

#5 With different shades but the same design

Source: unknown

Candy rainbow nail designs

Next comes a beautiful and bold nail idea, based on the colors of childhood candies: candy-colored rainbow nails. With five fingers are five colors with different bright vibrant shades. These nails remind us of the sweet candy of our childhood. You can freely choose from 5 different colors depending on your preferences to create your nail design.


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#7 Transparent, very original

Source: unknown

#8 Don’t you love that fluorescent effect?

Source: unknown

#9 Color dots with faces, aww!

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#10 A different color on each nail

Source: unknown

Glittering rainbow nail designs

A stylish and sparkly nail idea is the glittering rainbow nail. The glittering nail designs always give everyone an attractive look. This is a great nail design on hot summer days or under bright electric lights.

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Source: narmai


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Source: Luminous Nails


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Line rainbow nail designs

The lines that create geometric-like shapes make the nail design special. Along with the lines are different colors, combined with the ombre nail effect to create an attractive nail design.

#16 With a colored line

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Source: chorubim


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