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21 Best DIY Calendar Ideas To Add Your Own Style

by Joyce

Whatever level of organization you and your family have, a central reminder can ensure you never forget an appointment, birthday, or holiday again.

Make an attractive calendar the focal point of your organizing station to keep your family organized even during the busiest times of the year.

These do-it-yourself solutions use anything from blackboard paint to acrylic to create an easily updateable and completely unique home calendar. You’ll have not simply a calender but a milestone to look back on after achieving or experiencing something.

#1. DIY Chalkboard Calendar

Source: Pinterest

#2. Watercolor Perpetual Calendar

Source: Pinterest

#3. Words Of Inspiration

Source: Conserv

#4. Entryway Calendar

Source: Hello Hayley

#5. Magnetic Whiteboard Calendar

Source: The 36th AVENUE

#6. Dry Erase Calendar

Source: From House To Home

#7. Glitter Acrylic Calendar

Source: Alibaba.com

#8. DIY Desk Calendar

Source: Instructables

#9. Months Of Mother Nature

Source: Pinterest

#10. Handmade Studio


#11. Hanging Perpetual Calendar

Source: Pinterest

#12. Easy Washi Tape Calendar

Source: Made In A Day

#13. Wall Calendar Stand

Source: Pinterest

#14. Paint Chip Calendar

Source: Bison Beat Online

#15. Cute DIY Desk Calendar

Source: YouTube

#16. Clipboard Calendar

Source: Creative Market

#17. Birthday Cheat Sheet

Source: Homebnc

#18. Year In Review

Source: Modern Wall Calendar

#19. Pets On The Page

Source: Funky Pigeon

#20. Return Ticket To Travel

Source: Pinterest

#21. Monthly Milestone

Source: WhenMyBaby

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