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24 Best Houseplants That Help Save Your Desk Space

by Marry Dell

Consider growing one of the Best Houseplants for your workspace to add green and soothing vibes! Having a plant on your desk is not just a way to add aesthetic value to your workspace; it can also enhance your mood, improve your productivity, and purify the air around you. Not to mention, many houseplants are perfect for small spaces, making them an ideal addition to any desk or office.
24 Best Houseplants That Help Save Your Desk Space
By incorporating one or more of these houseplants into your workspace, you can create a more inviting and healthy environment that will help you stay productive and focused throughout the day. Whether you’re looking for a trailing plant, a succulent, or a small tree, there’s a houseplant on this list that’s perfect for your desk. So,iIf you are tired of a cluttered desk and not enough space to work, explore the best houseplants that can save your desk space while enhancing your workspace environment.

#1 Lucky Bamboo

Source: glasscoasterstore

Not only is Lucky Bamboo one of the most fascinating plants for your office desk but it’s also believed to ward off evil spirits and pesky co-workers.

#2 Cactus

Source: cactusway

Cactus has a usual small stature and a low-maintenance nature, making them one of the best options for any corner of your office space.

#3 Philodendron

Source: etsy

With its attractive foliage that adds to the visual appeal of any workspace and its ability to purify the air, the philodendron is the perfect choice for an office plant.

#4 Asparagus Fern

Source: apartmenttherapy

While the asparagus fern thrives in warm climates, it can still make an excellent addition to your office desk or hanging basket. Growing this plant is simple, and it doesn’t require much maintenance.

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#5 Water Lettuce

Source: town-n-country-living

With its ability to survive solely on water, the water lettuce is an ideal plant to display in clear vases or trays with pebbles, adding a lovely touch to your decor.

#6 English Ivy

Source: ikea

For those seeking a plant that can cascade over the edge of their desk, this trailing plant is an excellent option. Additionally, it possesses air-purifying properties.

#7 Rex Begonia

Source: interiorplants

By producing distinctive and vibrant foliage, this office desk plant can enhance the aesthetics of any workspace, adding a touch of beauty to your environment.

#8 Kalanchoe

Source: ugaoo

The flowering kalanchoe has the potential to impact the ambiance of your office space with its vibrant and warm blooms that tend to emerge during periods of increased temperatures.

#9 Spiderwort

Source: primrose

The Spiderwort has slender, elongated leaves and dainty pink or purple blooms, this small plant possesses a distinct appearance that can thrive in various lighting conditions ranging from low to bright.

#10 Oxalis

Source: myjunglehome

To incorporate the color purple into their office decor, growing oxalis is an excellent option. For optimal growth, place the plant in an area where it can receive partial sunlight.

#11 Tillandsia

Source: countryliving

Tillandsia, commonly referred to as air plants, are exceptional desk plants that can thrive without the need for soil. Instead, they absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves, making them versatile and easy to display creatively.

#12 Aloe

Source: nurserylive

Undeniably, the aloe genus, particularly aloe vera, is the top pick for an office desk plant, thanks to its minimal upkeep requirements and its scientifically-proven capability to absorb harmful chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde from the air.

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#13 African Violet

Source: gardenbetty

If you want to add a touch of color to your desk without sacrificing too much space, this small and compact plant is an ideal choice.

#14 Parlor Palm

Source: houseplantcentral

#15 Peace Lily

Source: gardenerspath

#16 Ponytail Palm

Source: costafarms

#17 Boston Fern

Source: bunnings

#18 Snake Plant

Source: plantvine

#19 Pothos

Source: gardendesign

#20 Chinese Evergreen

Source: savvygardening

#21 Nerve Plant

Source: gardensbythebay

With its distinctive, veined leaves that are available in an array of colors ranging from green to pink and red, this small and colorful plant is a non-toxic option that is safe to keep around pets and children.

#22 Spider Plant

Source: plantssparkjoy

This Spider Plant is a hardy houseplant that can endure the challenging growing conditions in your home office, making it a resilient option that also has the added benefit of enhancing indoor air quality.

#23 Jade

Source: omysa

One of the top choices for an office desk plant that can withstand tough indoor environments, the jade plant is also thought to bring wealth and prosperity.

#24 ZZ Plant

Source: unsplash

Not requiring much attention and capable of thriving in dimly lit settings, the ZZ plant can withstand neglect for weeks and still maintain an attractive appearance.

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