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25 Fun Ways To Up Your Ponytail Game From Boring To Chic

by Rebecca

Ponytail is a classic timeless hairstyle that can be worn for most occasions. It can be a simple way to get your hair out of your face or a fun way to cool down during the hot summer months. However, this hairstyle also can be preppy and elegant when paired with the right accessories. You can totally wear it to a fancy dinner or a formal event, as long as you know how to style it correctly.

The best thing about these hairstyles is they are easy and require minimum effort. You can look stunning without spending hours in front of the mirror or fumbling around with your hair. By adding accessories or changing the position of your ponytail, you can have a whole different vibe. One simple change can turn you into another person.

If you find yourself bored with your typical ponytail, this post is for you. Below are 25 fun ways to spice up your ponytail game and look like a magazine model.

1. Retro High Pony

2. Center Parted

3. Bubble Ponytail

4. Business Up Front, Party In The Back

5. Magpie’s Delight

6. Fishtail Ponytail

7. French Braid Ponytail

8. Half-Braided Low Pony

9. Scarf- Braided Ponytail

10. Pull-Through Braid Ponytail

11. Chunky Chains

12. Low Bow

13. Wrapped High Pony

14. Sleek High Ponytail

15. Sleek Low Pony

16. Chic Low Ponytail

17. Undercut and Braid

18. Ziczac Tied Up

19. Bobby-Pinned

20. Perky Pony

21. Wavy Mid-Ponytail

22. Scarf Mohawk Ponytail

23. Volume-Packed Pony

24. High Ponytail with Wand Curls

25. High Pony with Side Bangs

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