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25 Incredible Indoor Plants In Vases You May Get Hooked On

by Joyce

These indoor plants will make you go crazy! Why is that? As they are from all over the world, originating in China to America, and even from Asia to Africa, these plants are unique as they bring different features. However, they have one thing in common- they are all indoor plants that brighten your living spaces!

If your house is too unfurnished and poorly decorated, but you don’t want to waste your money on an interior furniture store, then the plants will be a good choice. Your budget for plants is reasonable, and not just that, you will be surprised by how they transform your house. 

Plants are born to refresh your space. Put them in some spots in the living room and the kitchen, and they will amaze you when you realize that they belong to this spot. All you need to do is decide which plant to set up for each area in your house. Please consider the characteristics of these plants carefully. Generally, they can grow in low-light conditions. And you don’t have to waste too much time and money on these because they are easy to be taken care of.

Now it’s time for us to check this list together!

#1. Golden Pothos

Source: homefortheharvest

#2. Spider Plant

Source: Crocus

#3. Snake Plant

Source: thesill

#4. Pink Anthurium

Source: thesill

#5. The Fiddle Leaf Fig

Source: thesill

#6. White Orchid


#7. Faux Aloe Plant

Source: greenhousehome

#8. ZZ Plant

Source: thesill

#9. Monstera ( Swiss Cheese Plant)

Source: sugarandcharm

#10. Purple Heart Plant

Source: plantsdecor.mv

#11. Watermelon Peperomia

Source: mypeacefulmoment




Source: PTNTS

#14.Chinese Money Plant

Source: The Little Botanical

#15.Wandering Jew

Source: BalconyGardenWeb

#16.English Ivy

Source: afloral

#17.Dragon Plant

Source: Garden Illustrated

#18.Olive Tree

Source: decorhint

#19.Lucky Bamboo


#20.Nerve Plant

Source: reddit


Source: Today’s Gardener

#22.Purple Waffle Plant (Hemigraphi

Source: thesill

#23.Cast Iron Plant

Source: paLu Muschietti

#24.Sago Palm

Source: Ansel&Ivy

#25.Creeping Saxifrage

Source: Waitrose

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