25 Kid Play Ideas With Old Tires

by Marry Dell

    If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to spruce up your garden for the summer, then these garden ideas using tires might interest you, especially your kids. From a sandbox and a fairy garden, a climbing tower, to a racetrack, there are so many different ways you can upcycle tires into creative and fun playing ideas to support preschool early learning and development.
    25 Kid Play Ideas With Old Tires
    When old tires are no longer useful for transportation, instead of going to the landfill, reusing them is a great alternative. You can incorporate tires as a resource into outdoor play spaces with inviting opportunities for your kids to engage in open-ended play and explore with their imaginations. You can color them in different colors to refresh their shape newer and more attractive. Here are some really cool ideas to repurpose old tires, which will make your ole tires useful around the yard.

    #1 Create a Fairy Garden

    Source: Billyoh

    #2 Sandbox Idea

    Source: Mimuu

    #3 Small Swiming Pool

    Source: Maam

    #4 Old Tire Edge for Rock Garden with Truck

    Source: Billyoh

    #5 Truck Area

    Source: Katherine Morin

    #6 Dry Creek Bed

    Source: Angela Lees

    #7 Playground Border

    Source: Author Heather Moore

    #8 Construction Area

    Source: Prekprintablefun

    #9 Hanging Bridge

    Source: Boredart

    #10 DIY Tire Climbing Tower

    Source: Becky Cox

    #11 Mud Kitchen

    Source: Hoselink

    #12 Old Tire Idea with Dinosaures

    Source: Twitter

    #13 Backyard Racetrack

    Source: Mumsgrapevine

    #14 Small World Tuff Trays

    Source: Learningandexploringthroughplay

    #15 ” Digging Area”

    Source: Gail Parker

    #16 Old Tire Station Tray

    Source: Webuyanycar

    #17 Climbing the Tire Tower with Playground Slide

    Source: Wooloo

    #18 The Dinosaur World

    Source: Abcdoes.typepad

    #19 Tire Border Blended Planters

    Source: Theempowerededucatoronline

    #20 A Dino Garden

    Source: Littlegreenfingers

    #21 Tire Sandbox with Colorful Stepping Stone from Wood Slices

    Source: Sippycupmom

    #22 Old Tire for Hanging Fairy World

    Source: Hometalk

    #23 Climbing Wall

    Source: Hative

    #24 Tire Balance Beam

    Source: Prekprintablefun

    #25 Teeter Totters

    Source: Spaceshipsandlaserbeams

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