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20 Easy and Fun Plastic Milk Jug Crafts

by Marry Dell

If you love recycling old items around the house, the milk jug projects below are for you! Here, we’ve listed 20 Easy and Fun Plastic Milk Jug Crafts that you can make something for a functional purpose or merely to look whimsical, or decoration. You can make some of them with your child’s support and they will love joying and gain exciting experiences. If you are wondering about them, let’s spend your time and scroll down to find ideas that you can do.
20 Easy and Fun Plastic Milk Jug Crafts
Book holders, planters, lovely pig lights, front door wreaths, and more, are easy DIY projects that you can make right in your home with a short of leisure time without requiring your handful. You can reuse them and then paint them with bright colors to have a new look. They are the cleverest and the most adorable ways to transform those plain unused plastic jugs into impressive your own pieces, at the same time they also help you save money and lead a zero-waste life.

#1 Milk Jug Containers

Source: Hometalk

#2 Flower Votive Candle Holders

Source: Bliss Bloom Blog

#3 Clever Book Holders

Source: Amazinginteriordesign

#4 Milkflower Lampshade

Source: Hometalk

#5 DIY Milk Jug Fairy Garden

Source: Inspirationmadesimple

#6 Creative Indoor Planters

Source: Helenice Sousa

#7 First Aid Kit From A Recycled Milk Jug

Source: Craftgawker

#8 Milk Jug Ghosts for Halloween

Source: Condoblues

#9 Front Door Wreath

Source: Alphamom

#10 DIY Milk Jug Easter Basket

Source: Clarkscondensed

#11 A Garden Light

Source: Instructables

#12 Milk Jug Love

Source: Remade Simple Blog

#13 A Handy Shovel

Source: Rustic-crafts

#14 DIY Chandelier

Source: Recycledcrafts.craftgossip

#15 Garden Tool Holder

Source: Alexis Loizou

#16 Colored Pencil Holder

Source: Handmadecharlotte

#17 Stylish Indoor Plant Displays

Source: Reasonstoskipthehousework

#18 Stencils Made From Milk Containers

Source: Adirondackgirlatheart

#19 Milk Jug Toy Scoop

Source: Allfortheboys

#20 Lovely Pig Light

Source: Morenascorner

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