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26 DIY Candle Holder Ideas To Liven Up Your Living Space

by Marry Dell

Almost every house has candles for both practical and decorative purposes as the candle’s subtle flame always draws all eyes. Their enduring appeal makes them one of the great gifts for all occasions, from parties to holidays. While candle options are plentiful, the candle holder is in contrast. You probably displayed the same matched candleholders at the center of your holiday spread for years. But there are other options!
26 DIY Candle Holder Ideas To Liven Up Your Living Space
And in the article today, we will share the 26 DIY Candle Holder Ideas To Liven Up Your Living Space. With these ideas, you can new ways to display candles with a few simple tools and a quick trip from the kitchen. These DIY projects are both inexpensive and great for beginners to make their own decorations. There are options for every style and type of decor, so if you love these ideas, try some for your next special days.

#1 Mason Jar Candle Holders

Source: Onawhimevents

#2 Old Fork As Candle Holder

Source: Happyathome

#3 Coconut Shell Candle Holders

Source: Ilovedoityourself

#4 Eggshell Candle Holders

Source: Bloglovin

#5 Citrus Candles

Source: Sayyes

#6 Apple Candle Holders

Source: Inspirededibles

#7 Wall Ladle Candle Holders

Source: Renoguide

#8 DIY Candle Holder From Alcohol Bottles

Source: Reciclaredecorar

#9 Whisk Candle Holder

Source: Recyclart

#10 Concrete Column Candle Holders

Source: Etsy

#11 Brick Candle Holders

Source: Southerncrushathome

#12 Wine Cup Candle Holders

Source: Linktr

#13 Christmas Decor With Unique Candle Holder

Source: Todobonito

#14 Teacup Candle Holder

Source: Whimsicalwonderlandweddings

#15 Candle Holder Made From Wine Cork With Glass Cup

Source: Architectureartdesigns

#16 Lid Candle Holders

Source: Mintmaedchen

#17 A Bucket Filled With Sand To Hold Candles

Source: Completely-coastal

#18 Pinecone Candle Holder

Source: Wunderweib

#19 Tin Can Candle Holders

Source: Panduro

#20 Glass Cup With Fall Leaves Make A Stunning Candle Holder

Source: Recreateddesigns

#21 A Candle Holder Is Inspired From Barley Cottons And Ropes

Source: Casacomidaeroupaespalhada

#22 Handmade Wooden Block Candle Holders

Source: Etsy

#23 Driftwood Candle Holder

Source: Completely-coastal.

#24 Glass Wine With Herbs And Lemon Slice For Candle Holders

Source: Ifood

#25 Seashell Candle Holders

Source: Gazetadopovo

#26 Branch Candle Holder

Source: Wunderweib

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