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28 Appealing Swimming Pool Landscaping Ideas

by Marry Dell

If you are tired of your basic swimming pool, it’s time to turn it into a relaxing oasis with creative ways today. Here are the 28 Appealing Swimming Pool Landscaping Ideas to help you have the pleasures of a pool for exercise, refreshment, relaxation, and seeing water features. They are inspired by using low-maintenance landscape plants, hedges, rocks, and more in your pool design, this list has any ideas that you are looking for.
28 Appealing Swimming Pool Landscaping Ideas
Hot summer days will be back soon! Is there anything more idyllic than a day at the pool and floating around in your own backyard pool, right? Having a pool, you’ll have a chance to up as well as enjoy the cool factor of your outdoor space, all from the comfort of your backyard. Whether you want to own a pool with a modern edge or a rustic feel, all of them are collected here for you. Check them out with us!

#1 Lush Tropical Plants Around

Source: Mrandmrshowe

#2 Baboom Plant Wall

Source: Thouswell

#3 Bird Of Paradise Plants For A Living Wall

Source: Interiorsonline

#4 Peaceful Paradise

Source: Flickr

#5 Deck Path

Source: Planete-deco

#6 DIY Fire Pits

Source: Morningchores

#7 Bring Beach To The Home

Source: Tuacasa

#8 Outstanding Red Tall Tree

Source: Remodelista

#9 A Fresh Pool Hides In The Small Tropical Forest Right In The Backyard

Source: Hgvt

#10 Square Shape Path

Source: Shelterinteriordesign

#11 Cool Green Color

Source: Spapoolbilliards

#12 Inspired Connection

Source: LakeGirl

#13 Natural Stone Path

Source: Delicieuxpate

#14 Long Swimming Pool

Source: Nextluxury

#15 Tropical Plants Around

Source: Interiorsonline

#16 Get The Rays of Sunshine

Source: Pinterest

#17 A Long Pool With Tall Palm and Plants

Source: Sivanayla

#18 Big Plant Pots For Bed Head

Source: Ombiaombia

#19 Natural Beauty

Source: Veranda

#20 Fresh and Cool Green Wall

Source: Beyondthepitch

#21 Tropical Taste

Source: Homemydesign.

#22 Comfortable Feeling With Tall Trees

Source: Homestolove

#23 Asian Inspiration

Source: Fallingwaterslandscape

#24 Small Waterfall

Source: Barry Fitzgerald

#25 Wonderful  Soothing Fountains

Source: Steve Silverman Imaging

#26 Natural Look

Source: Anthony Chung

#27 Gentle Waterfall On Rocks

Source: Joshua Dover

#28 Clean and Cool Tropic

Source: Warwick P Hunt

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