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30 Black Pink Nails That’ll Stick Out Like A Sore Thumb

by Shelly

Pink and black nails have the unique power to make you feel like you are in both the 1950s and the early 2000s pop-punk era. You can also create contemporary manicure designs with just the right amount of elegance and edge when you take a lovely pink and match it with striking black manicure color. Take it from Selena Gomez’s nail technician Mo Qin, who has done the nails for Julia Garner, Emilia Jones, and Julia Garner: Qin advises the color combination for anyone who wants to branch out from their regular single-shade manicure!

By choosing a softer shade of pink and subtle black embellishments, you might dabble in the manicure trend. And now, for the best black and pink nail art of the year, here we have 15 gorgeous and mysterious designs. These nails would be a great option if you are looking for trendy ones. From coffin to stiletto nails, they go well with every nail form. Some are actually easy enough for you to complete on your own. All it takes is a little perseverance and curiosity. Simply ask your friends to join in if you find it to be a little boring. You two will have a great time hanging out!

30 Black Pink Nails That’ll Stick Out Like A Sore Thumb

Nails with Line Art

Use a light pink background and basic black lines for a geometric look. Why can’t thick lines be painted neatly and accurately? Use some nail art tape as a shortcut so you won’t have to always wipe it off and begin over.

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Nails with Butterflies

Even if a trip to the nail salon is needed for a complex design, it is worthwhile. For this butterfly effect, just add one or two accent nails with a pink monarch design.

Nails with Moons

Simple enough for the minimalist look without being monotonous are these pink nails with adorable, curvy bright moons. Use your striper brush to achieve this appearance, and precise painting is essential.

Black Pink Ombré Nails

If you desire a unique approach to the pink and black manicure trend, try this extremely ‘90s Ombré pattern with coral and magenta. In addition to looking great, the wavy black lines will assist conceal any blending flaws.

Nails with Flowers

Here is a more abstract way to wear a floral pattern if you desire it. You have a distinctive collection of flowers at your disposal thanks to some curving lines painted in shades of pale pink, black, and white.

6. Nails with Swirls

Swirling nail art is always a good choice. These kinds of wavy lines are simple to DIY and still make for a striking manicure.

Black Pink Logo Nails

Try out some typography on your nails to show your support for your favorite clothing line.

Nails with Evil Eyes

For a delicate touch of dimension and experiment with a unique pink hue, use black for your evil eye pupil. Use a striper brush and a dotting tool to maintain the consistency of the lines and dots shapes.

Nails with Hearts

Paint pretty white hearts onto your nail beds for a sweet flash of color and a romantic way to wear pink and black manicure polish.

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Nails with Little Dots

Even the tiniest hint of black counts in this design. For those who love simpler manicures, this is the perfect manicure idea.

Black Pink Halloween Nails

Accentuate the eerie feel of pink and black with a few little “rocky” elements. This pattern is perfect if you prefer ethnic nail art.

Black Pink Mix-match Nails

Using pink and black in contrast is a cool effect. Let’s try glam pink looks, like these tips covered in rhinestones, on one hand, while sporting a black fishnet pattern on the other.

Nails with French Tips

One of Qin’s favorite ways to wear the color combination is seen in this picture to perfection. For a sleek, contemporary French nail, keep the nails short and squared off.

Nails with Rhinestones

Your black-pink French manicure could be improved with glamorous accents. The glossy black studs are the ideal touch for this stylish color scheme.

Black Pink Leopard Nails

If you’re not a huge fan of pink, this apricot shade is perfect for you. Its simple press-on application makes it the perfect choice for those who aren’t good at painting.

Some nails are required for some outfits. For instance, consider bridal clothes. There is a good probability that you’ll be expected to wear a neutral manicure color whether you’re a bridesmaid or the bride herself. This is also the reason we’ve compiled 15 manicure designs for when you’re wearing an ensemble with black and pink accents. Feel free to pick one, girl!

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