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30 Stunning Glittered New Year Nails For The Perfect Festive Look

by Rebecca

It’s time to prepare for the best celebration of all, New Year’s Eve, as the clock is ticking down. We know there are many ways to make the big day unforgettable, such as decorating your home, dressing up for the event, or even just something as simple as putting a stunning Happy New Year wallpaper on your phone. However, nothing can beat having a fresh, beautiful manicure to celebrate the holiday, especially if you’re a nail fanatic. Glittered New Year nails are the best for this season!

Your nails should shine as you bid the old year farewell and usher in the new, whether you’re getting dolled up for a night out or keeping things cozy at home. From glittered manicures to fun nail designs inspired by fireworks and adorable heavenly star ideas, this list has many looks to match your mood. So, without further ado, here are the most gorgeous New Year nail designs that’ll make you the center of attention when the clock strikes midnight!

1. Glitter Confetti

Glitter Confetti

2. Sparkly Stars

Sparkly Stars

3. Ombre Sky

Ombre Sky

4. Silver Glitter Glam

Silver Glitter Glam

5. Glam Snowflakes

Glam Snowflakes

6. Gold Snow

Gold Snow

7. Green Glittered Nails

Green Glittered Nails

8. Fun Rainbow Tips

Fun Rainbow Tips

9. Starry Nails

Starry Nails

10. Glam And Matte Nails

Glam And Matte Nails

11. Festive Red And Gold Nails

Festive Red And Gold Nails

12. Red Nails With White Snowflakes

Red Nails With White Snowflakes

13. Cute Short Pink Nails

Cute Short Pink Nails

14. Pink And Silver Glam Nails

Pink And Silver Glam Nails

15. Festive Gold Nails

Festive Gold Nails

16. Simple New Year Glam

Simple New Year Glam

17. Classy New Year Nails

Classy New Year Nails

18. Sweet Baby Pink Manicure

Sweet Baby Pink Manicure

19. Chic New Year Nails

Chic New Year Nails

20. Sparkly Pink

Sparkly Pink

21. Black And Gold New Year Nails

Black And Gold New Year Nails

22. Black Stars

Black Stars

23. Red Wine Nails

Red Wine Nails

24. Gold And Nude

Gold And Nude

25. Pink Present

Pink Present

26. Sweet Candies

Sweet Candies

27. Red Gifts

Red Gifts

28. Burgundy Festive Nails

Burgundy Festive Nails

29. Red New Year Manicure

Red New Year Manicure

30. Plaided Glam

Still hungry for more glam? Check out these beautiful clear acrylic nails! They’re as magical and charming as Cinderella’s glass slippers, so don’t miss out on them. Our site also has many other beauty ideas and fashion trends waiting for you. Explore and start embracing your inner beauty!

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