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32 Brilliant Ideas To Repurpose Your Used-To-Be Kitchen Items

by Joyce

Are your kitchen cupboards filled up with a whole bunch of neglected items that are no longer on your daily stuff-to-use list?  You know what I mean,  it’s not something to be proud of when you own yourself old baking dishes and whisks that haven’t been used in years and a collection of empty wine bottles that is still untouched for many years.

Even some kitchen items are handed down from generations of grandmothers. Such an unpleasant feeling will disappear because we’ve shared a list of 2 different ways that help you fix this. Do you love upcycling and cheering things up? If yes, this article is born for you.

#1. Chandelier From Old Wine Bottles

Source: True Form Builders

#2. Wall Lights From Pasta Strainers

Source: Themindcircle

#3. Tea Cup Candle Holders

Source: Crafty Morning

#4. Hanging Whisk Tealight Holders

Source: Design Intuition

#5. Light Fixture From A Galvanized Bucket

Source: 99.9 KTDY

#6. Spoon Garden Markers

Source: Repeat Crafter Me

#7. Divided Muffin Tin Organizer

Source: Cherchies Blog – Cherchies Specialty Foods

#8. Plastic Bottles Vertical Garden

Source: TruGreen Midsouth

#9. Cheese Grater Pencil Holder

Source: Pinterest

#10. Succulent Tea Cups

Source: Debra Lee Baldwin

#11. Ladles As Candle Holders

Source: Pinterest

#12. Vintage Funnels Turned Into Candle Holders

Source: Pinterest

#13. Vintage Spoon Hooks

Source: Pinterest

#14. Silverware Fruit Bowl

Source: Upcycle That

#15. Teacup Bird Feeder

Source: Mum In The Madhouse

#16. Teacup Lamps

Source: Instructables

#17. Mason Jars Lighting To Your Backyard

Source: The Garden Glove

#18. Tart Pan Tiered Cake Stand

Source: DIYS.com

#19. Crystal Hobnail Base Cake Stand

Source: Bigdiyideas

#20. Potted Teapots And Jugs

Source: Pinterest

#21. Spoon Planter Hangers

Source: Pinterest

#22. Mason Jar Tissue Holders

Source: Hearth and Vine

#23. Cheese Grater Earing Holder

Source: Turning the Clock Back

#24. Rolling Pin Towel Rack

Source: Pinterest

#25. Jelly Mould Pendant Lights

Source: Mad About The House

#26. Colander Pendant Lamp

Source: Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke

#27. Upcycled Craft Station

Source: Upcycle That

#28. Thermos Flask Lamp

Source: I Get A Kick Out Of You

#29. Bottle Flower Vases

Source: Homey Oh My

#30. Enamel Mug Organizer

Source: Homeroad

#31. Smart Kitchen Idea With Pot Lids

Source: HGTV

#32. Vintage Cooking Clips- Recipe Card Holders

Source: Pinterest

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