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4 Popular Nail Colors That Will Always Be In Style

by Navy

We are gradually approaching the end of 2021. Warm dates and parties with loved ones will be the most precious gifts this winter. And for women, we always want to appear confident and charismatic in a trendy outfit and an impressive set of nails.

So at the end of this year 2022, which nail color is trending and hottest today becoming an indispensable trend? Let’s go through it in turn!

Top black nail designs

Despite being in the basic minimalistic color scheme, the mysterious black color has never been removed from the choice of beautiful nail polish colors of the girls. Individuality and charm seem to be concentrated here when you combine them with tight dresses, black nail polish, red lips, and high heels – an image of the modern lady that will not be missed.

Top white nail designs

Contrasted with black power, white is a symbol of purity and lightness. If you want to become a girly, lovely but equally modern muse, the white nail design is the perfect choice for you. If the style you choose for the end of this year is a youthful, fresh, and feminine style, this nail color is the best.


Top blue nail designs

The blue color representing the deep blue ocean is probably the choice of girls who love mysterious beauty. Beautiful nail polish with a slight shimmer in combination with white or black outfits is also the perfect combo for you.

Top pink nail designs

For those of you who are a bit bored with the typical blue, red, and yellow tones of the festive season, this will be the most reasonable choice for these year-end gatherings. White snowflakes on light pink nail polish make your hands look so adorable! Also, pink helps to highlight femininity and details like white patterns or Christmas trees in the cold winter air make you look more feminine and gentle.

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