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4 Secrets To Grow Your Own Celery In Water At Home

by Jenny

There are many vegetables that you can make use of its scraps to regrow a new harvest, and celery is a prominent example in this list. Planting celery bottoms is an enjoyable and cost-effective way to participate in the noble cause of reducing waste and promoting sustainability. By regrowing celery from the previously discarded base, we can actively contribute to the principles of reusing and recycling.

Now, let’s scroll down to find out how to plant celery in water, which promises green and fresh leaves in no time.

1. Preparation

Start your kitchen gardening by selecting a fresh, healthy celery bunch from your local grocery store or garden. We recommend a celery base with at least 2-3 inches of stems still intact. When you’re preparing a delicious celery dish, take a shark knift and simply cut the celery stalks about 2 inches from the base. This base, often considered kitchen waste, is your secret to growing fresh celery at home

2. How To Grow Celery In Water

Take your celery base and place it in a small glass or jar that can hold the base upright. Add enough water to submerge the base, but not the whole thing – you want the cut ends of the celery to be in water. Now, find a bright, sunny spot for your celery-in-progress. Celery loves the sun, so a windowsill with indirect sunlight will facilitate its growth.

3. Take Care Of Celery

Changing the water every few days is essential to prevent bacterial growth. Over time, you’ll notice small, pale green leaves sprouting from the center of the base. These leaves will eventually grow into new celery stalks. Keep your eye on the water level, you want those cut ends to remain submerged.

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As your celery grows, consider transplanting it into a pot with potting soil to encourage full stalk development. Keep it watered, but not waterlogged, and continue to provide plenty of sunshine. As it grows, you may also want to add a balanced liquid fertilizer to encourage strong, healthy growth.

4. Harvesting Your Homegrown Celery

Patience is key when growing celery from a base. It can take several months for your celery to reach a harvestable size. Be mindful of the size of the stalks you want to cut. When they’re around 8-10 inches tall and have a reasonable thickness, your celery is ready to harvest. You should use a sharp knife or scissors to cut the stalks at the base. Harvesting a few stalks at a time allows the remaining ones to continue growing.

Growing celery in water not only reduces waste but also brings a sense of satisfaction to your gardening adventures. After harvesting, your nutritious and tasty celery can be added to salads and soups. Enjoy it and follow us if you want to discover more about growing vegetables from kitchen scraps.

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