5 Most Difficult Flowers To Grow In The Garden

by Marry Dell
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Some plants are easy with basic cares such as a bit of sunshine, a sprinkling of compost, or the occasional watering, and then they will be ready to put out a captivating display of flowers and foliage. In fact, however, there are the hardest plants, they are fussy, demanding, and incredibly sensitive, they challenge gardeners and require gardening experience. If you prefer to garden on hard mode challenge, check them out with us!
5 Most Difficult Flowers To Grow In The Garden
Taking them a look, you will see that their beautiful flowers with bright colors will brighten up any space in your garden. Although they are difficult to grow, when you’re successful in growing them, you will be supremely rewarded with the most exquisite and fragrant blooms to your garden as great natural gifts. Are you ready to let them challenge you?

#1. Bearded Iris

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Image source: Garden

Bearded Iris can easy to grow when properly sited but if you want to keep its flowers looking great year after year, you will spend many of your care. It will tolerate some light shade but flowers will be fewer and less spectacular. Less sunlight also lowers their resistance to disease, so let’s grow them in full sun. Also, it prefers well-drained, humusy, evenly moist soil.

#2. Delphinium

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Image source: Ferrymorse

In order for this plant to give beautiful giants to grace your landscape, you will need considerable care to flourish and look their best. It prefers a cool and moist climate and tends to weaken under hot and dry conditions. In sweltering southern regions, it loves planting in a spot with afternoon shade.

#3. Dahlia

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Image source: Gardening Know How

This beautiful flower is hardy in zones 7 through 10. It may be grown in cooler climes, you can dig up its tuberous roots after the first frost in autumn and replant the following spring.

#4. Hybrid Tea Rose

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Image source: Britannica

Hybrid Tea Rose has earned a reputation for being fussy, disease-prone, and high maintenance. To see beautiful flowers, you will need to be on point when it comes to pruning, fertilizing, and controlling the disease.

#5. Gardenia

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Image source: Almanac

Gardenia is elusive and temperamental that often represents the pinnacle of horticultural prowess. If you just neglect one or two of gardenia’s needs stresses the plant greatly, it will be in yellowing leaves and flower bud drops.

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