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6 Fragrant Plants That Can Get Rid Of Flies

by Marry Dell

Summer and spring seasons are the time for great outdoor activities such as picnics or grilling out for family and friends. Unfortunately, such outdoor activities attract the pesky bugs that are one of life’s little irritations-flies. There are many sprays available for skin, and clothes to protect you from them, but using toxic chemicals is repulsive to many people. Don’t worry, there are some fragrant plants that not only get rid of flies effectively but also attract to look at.
6 Fragrant Plants That Can Get Rid Of Flies
And here are 6 Fragrant Plants That Can Get Rid Of Flies. Planting these plants throughout your home will bring several benefits. Apart from keeping you away from flies thanks to their special scent, some displays beautiful flowers to make your landscapes more attractive. Other plants are actually edible so add them to your delicious dishes.

#1 Lavender

Source: Provenwinners

Lavender offers a delightful fragrance and petite purple flowers making it perfect for ornamental. It is often grown for its insect-repelling qualities such as fleas, moths, and mosquitoes in addition to flies.

#2 Citronella Grass

Source: Realsimple

Citronella Grass is a great insect-repellent thanks to its pungent oil. Unlike the subtle Lemongrass herb used in many Asian cuisines, this Citronella grass should not be used in cooking because of its too strong palatal.

#3 Wormwood

Source: Gardenersworld

Wormwood produces gorgeous silver-green leaves with a velvety appearance. It grows easily and the extracted oil can repel pests including flies, mice, mosquitoes, moths, and ants.

#4 Sweet Basil

Source: Herbcottage

Sweet Basil is a popular herb that has a pungent anise-like aroma. It can grow easily in pots and flower beds near doors and windows. This herb is great for cooking and also is a natural repellent against flies and mosquitoes.

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#5 Tansy

Source: Starofnature

This Tansy herb also has healing properties. It can treat everything from digestive ailments and intestinal parasites to bruises and joint pain that has been used since ancient times. Although many of these uses have since been disproven, it is excellent in repelling insects and their larvae and now is widely used as a natural insect repellent.

#6 Bay Laurel

Source: Bambooplants

Bay Laurel is a great pest deterrent that repels flies and also keeps moths out of closets, mice, and roaches out of your pantry, and bugs out of grains and cereals. You can use dried leaves and bundles to hang near doors and windows to protect your home from pests for a long time.

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