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Beetroot Powder Formula With Amazing Benefits For Your Skin

by Shelly

The go-to vegetable for a simple subzi that’s lying in the fridge is loaded with numerous benefits, especially to the skin. In particular, Vitamin C-rich beets can be eaten raw or juiced, or they can be added to any type of curry. Beets have also locked up beauty and health secrets within. Have you ever attempted to give that pinkish color to your lips or cheeks by directly applying beetroot? Here is a list of the various beauty benefits that beetroot, a wonder vegetable, can improve your appearance.

  • Beets And Anti-aging: Beetroot’s vitamin C shields the skin from the effects of premature aging. Various studies conducted demonstrate beetroot is good for the cells. It is also abundant in other nutrients that assist to filter the blood, including folate, potassium, fiber, and antioxidants. This in turn helps the skin’s anti-aging capabilities.
  • Beets For Acne And Pimples: Vitamin C, which is abundant in beetroot, has anti-inflammatory qualities. It is practical for treating acne. Numerous studies have also found that beetroots vitamin C doesn’t work by itself to treat acne. Since it also requires supplements like zinc and antibiotics. They are also a blessing for oily skin because they manage oil segregation and stop breakouts.
  • Hydrates Dry Skin: The finest moisturizer for skin is beetroot, which also works to soothe irritated skin spots. Beetroot soothes it, makes it softer, and makes it look younger in addition to reducing the impulse to scratch. It offers an instant remedy for almost all skin worries.
  • Prevents Wrinkles: A glass of beetroot juice keeps the skin’s suppleness up, which helps to keep wrinkles at bay. High quantities of folates and antioxidants lessen how severe wrinkles appear, and this effect can be obtained by drinking beet juice or applying beetroot paste directly to the face.
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How to make Beetroot Powder

Ingredients: 1 beet


  1. Wash and peel fresh beetroots and slice thinly. You can use a food processor to thinly and evenly slice the beetroot quickly.
  2. Dry the slices in a food dehydrator, a convection oven on low heat, or outside in the sun with a net over them to keep out insects.
  3. Take a few dried beetroot chips and pulse them into a fine powder in a high-powered food processor or coffee grinder to create fresh beetroot powder.
  4. If you are having trouble getting the powder fine enough for your use such as when you want to use your beetroot powder as powdered blush, the best method is to grind with a coffee grinder until the powder starts to collect on the grinder’s cover. The powder that accumulates on the lid should be exceptionally fine and ideal for cosmetic applications.
  5. Store the beetroot powder in an airtight container to keep it fresher for longer.

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