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20 Cute Halloween Nails For A Lovely Ghostly Night

by Ruby

Halloween does not have to be scary; it can be fun and cute. Well, considering we celebrate Nightmare Day every year, it has somehow become more… anticipated. However, let’s incorporate something cute this year.

If you fall in love with every single cute thing on Earth, do not let the spookiness of Halloween change your taste. Who says ghosts and witches cannot be cute? Everything is adorable in the hands of a professional manicurist. Take a sip of coffee and calmly pick out one nail design that catches your eye!

The Collection of 20 Top-Of-The-World Cute Halloween Nails

#1 Cute Ghost Nails

The ghost is a traditional symbol of Halloween. Thus, you can see them appear on most other nail creations. However, you will see that with different concepts, they seem to create unique impressions. Here, these little ghosts seem to be the kind that loves candies.

#2 Cute Pumpkin Nails

Pumpkins alone seem normal, but pumpkins with flowers and “kawaii” ghosts make Halloween less freaky. This is the kind of design that you can show your nieces or daughters and they will tell you how cute it is.

#3 Cute Halloween Acrylic Nails

One thing that makes creepy nails become loveable is glitter and sparkle. This creation just nailed it. Gooey, shiny slime and sparkling spiders are now sought after.

#4 Coffin Cute Halloween Nails

In my opinion, it is the cumbersome square shape of coffin nails that makes them so relatable to Halloween. This artist has brilliantly combined a variety of orange shades with a French tip design to make this set cute and elegant.

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#5 Cute Spooky Nails

The glitter purple polish of these nails is just spot on.

#6 Cute Black Halloween Nails

Black and white can look cute, too.

#7 Cute Pink Halloween Nails

The pink pumpkins look deliciously poisonous.

#8 Cute Halloween Stiletto Nails

It is the windowpane pattern that adds cuteness to this nail set. This creates the impression that your nail is wearing some kind of miniature clothing.

#9 Cute Disney Halloween Nails

Let Mickey and Minnie accompany you on this spooky trip!

#10 Cute Witch Nails

This design makes you a fabulous witch.

#11 Cute Halloween Gel Nails

Dripping black liquid or blood is never out of style each Halloween.

#12 Cute Short Halloween Nails

This is the kind of nail that I would wear even after Halloween.

#13 Cute Halloween Nails Almond Shape

Those orange half-candy corn fingers may make someone want to chew on your nails.

#14 Cute Halloween Nails For Short Nails

Short nails make everything cuter.

#15 Cute Halloween Nails For Kids

Why not do a mother-daughter design with your favorite little human?

#16 Cute Halloween Nails Short Square

If you are bored with the conventional black and white Halloween nails, you might want to take a look at the brown and orange ones instead.

#17 Cute Halloween Nails Short Simple

These simple drawings are something that you can try to do by yourself.

#18 Cute Halloween Nails Hocus Pocus

The funny message behind this Hocus Pocus nail inspiration is a goal.

#19 Cute Halloween Nails Mummy

These mummies with big black eyes are so adorable.

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#20 Cute Halloween Nails Simple Red

We cannot deny that babies are cute and evil at the same time.

Have you finally made up your mind yet? If not, try taking a look at our other collections, too. There are many different styles that you can choose from.

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