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How to Style A Sweater: 4 Easy Styling Tips

by Navy

A sweater is a relatively warm and elegant item. It is not only for young people but also very suitable for ladies. Many different colors and designs of sweaters are becoming more and more popular around the world. Here, we will inform you about 5+ ways to coordinate with the most standard women’s sweaters!

Sweater with skirt

The thin and light midi skirt has good coverage for the lower body. This is definitely an extremely elegant and suitable outfit for ladies on cold autumn and winter days. Just carry 1 more elegant handbag is enough. You can choose the right outfit to confidently go down the street and attend weekend parties.






Sweater with jeans

Baggy jeans with silver blue tones, when combined with a sweater will look very dynamic. However, accessories such as bags, sunglasses, high heels, and hair are the factors that determine the look of this set. You can look cool like a fashionista, or you can also look like a pretty lady walking down the street.






Sweater with dress

A way to coordinate with women’s sweaters is also very popular today. The inherently feminine and elegant 2-string dress will be even more trendy when combined with a sweater, especially the ones with light tones. You can add a pair of high heels or bata shoes are very reasonable.






Sweater with short

A sweater is a wide-form shirt that does not press the waist. Therefore, it is very easy for women to combine with shorts to create a “hidden pants” fashion that has never ceased to be hot. Sneakers, or boots all go well with this look.

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