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Lava Nails: The Cool Style Dominating Instagram

by Fannie

Autumn is coming, so it is the perfect time to take a manicure detox to welcome a new season. We’re motivated to experiment with innovative color combinations and manicure ideas that take us out of our comfort zones. If you are the same, look no further than lava nails. They are colorful and entertaining designs that you won’t regret bringing to your next salon appointment.

Inspired by vintage lava lamps, this style features a lovely base coat accompanied by swirls of complementary hues. The best thing about lava nails is that you can freely choose the colors you want for your own take. Do you still have no idea about the color combination? Continue reading to get inspired!

#1 Neutral Mix

Source: Instagram

Do you love the lava designs but don’t want color glare? This suggestion is meant for you! It uses tonal browns and nudes to produce the same melting look as neon or brightly colored lava lamp nails. Also, don’t you think it looks like a shaggy jacket, yellow-tinted glasses, and flared jeans? Give it a chance, and this tortoiseshell-patterned manicure can absolutely jazz up your nails.

#2 Electric Blue

Source: @nailsbysarahjane

This style contrasts an electric blue pattern with a nude base. A natural color underlay like this has the advantage of making regrowth less obvious, delaying your next visit to the salon as much as possible. Besides, you can decide to wear extensions to create your own signature nail design if you like.

#3 Calming Blues

Source: Instagram

It’s like breathing in fresh air when you see these swirls of exquisite royal blue, sky blue, and turquoise colors. In addition to that, glittery thin stripes elevate the whole look.

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#4 Purple Frenchies

Source: Instagram

Your mani becomes immediately romantic with these swirls of lavender and lilac hues. Also, a sweet matching ring will add even more panache. Try this nail idea, and you will attract all eyes.

#5 Citrus Swirls

Source: Instagram

Do you love the ’70s vibes? If the answer is yes, this manicure idea must be ideal for you. Look at those bright orange French tips! They are so eye-catching and stand out even more thanks to swirls that are candy-colored lava.

#6 French Tips

Source: @illustrated_nails

Another orange French nail design! However, this time, only the middle of the nail has these fire-like swirls. Again, this will hide regrowth and also feels more adaptable than a whole-nail design.

#7 Colorful Mix

Source: @reflectivebeautyx

You have an outgoing personality and love bright colors. However, you don’t know how to tie these different colors together? Painting corresponding digits with the same color is one method for keeping them related.

#8 Bubblegum Lava Lamp

Source: Instagram

A girlie approach for rocking the trend is with swirls of pink and purple all throughout.

#9 Bubblegum Green And Blue

Source: @hardasnails_studio

You can also try another fabulous combination: green and blue. This striking clash of block colors brings back lava lamp vibes from the year 2000.


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